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What Do The Boy Scouts And The Catholic Church Have In Common? (Hint: They Both Suck)

What Do The Boy Scouts And The Catholic Church Have In Common?

Here are your options:

A) Disapproval of the gays.

B) Disapproval of atheists.

C) The systematic protection of child abusers.

D) The institution is supported by the spineless, the immoral, or the ignorant.

E) All of the above.

The answer is obviously E.

I've written before about how the Boy Scouts say that atheists are not good enough to join their august organization, but it needs repeating.
The Boy Scouts of America maintains that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God. In the first part of the Scout Oath or Promise the member declares, “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law.” The recognition of God as the ruling and leading power in the universe and the grateful acknowledgment of His favors and blessings are necessary to the best type of citizenship and are wholesome precepts in the education of the growing members. Boy Scouts bylaws 
And I'm sure that there will be at least one atheist involved of the Scouts who will chime in on how their troop is different, and, no, it's totally different than Catholics saying that their local parish is different from that nasty central organization. They (Church and/or Scouts) do good work. They (Church and/or Scouts) help mold the characters of young people.

Let me paraphrase Deval Patrick when he spoke at the Democratic convention,

Atheists need to grow their goddamn backbones. 
You want the Scouts to change? Don't buy a holiday tree from them, and tell them why you're not. If you are in the Scouts, get out. You're kid's in it? Pull him out. Because you have your kid in an organization full of bigots...
and pedophiles.

The La Times ran this story on Sunday: Boy Scouts helped alleged molesters cover tracks, files show
Over two decades, the Boy Scouts of America failed to report hundreds of alleged child molesters to police and often hid the allegations from parents and the public.

A Los Angeles Times review of 1,600 confidential files dating from 1970 to 1991 has found that Scouting officials frequently urged admitted offenders to quietly resign — and helped many cover their tracks.

Volunteers and employees suspected of abuse were allowed to leave citing bogus reasons such as business demands, "chronic brain dysfunction" and duties at a Shakespeare festival.
You'll have to excuse the lack of a snarky comment. I've tried writing snark, but all that comes out is stuff like: scumbags, I'm going to go get my aluminum baseball ball, scumbags, etc. The rage has overridden the snark center in my brain for the moment.
The details are contained in the organization's confidential "perversion files," a blacklist of alleged molesters, that the Scouts have used internally since 1919. Scouts' lawyers around the country have been fighting in court to keep the files from public view.

As The Times reported in August, the blacklist often didn't work: Men expelled for alleged abuses slipped back into the program, only to be accused of molesting again. Now, a more extensive review has shown that Scouts sometimes abetted molesters by keeping allegations under wraps.\
Go figure, pedophiles found a way back into the Scouts? That's why we send those them to prison! I've worked at a residential facility for adolescent pedophiles (yes, it was everything you'd think it would be). One of the clients was graduating, and do you know what he told his counsellor? I want to work a toy store.

True story.

In the majority of cases, the Scouts learned of alleged abuse after it had been reported to authorities. But in more than 500 instances, the Scouts learned about it from boys, parents, staff members or anonymous tips.

In about 400 of those cases — 80% — there is no record of Scouting officials reporting the allegations to police. In more than 100 of the cases, officials actively sought to conceal the alleged abuse or allowed the suspects to hide it, The Times found.
The article goes on to describe some of the molesters and the morally bankrupt Boy Scouts.

...the director of a Boy Scout camp in Virginia wrote to the Scouts' top lawyer, asking for help dealing with a veteran employee suspected of a "lifelong pattern" of abuse that had not been reported to police.

"When a problem has surfaced, he has been asked to leave a position 'of his own free will' rather than risk further investigation," the director wrote. "The time has come for someone to make a stand and prevent further occurrences."

There is no indication the Scouts took the matter to law enforcement.
The Scouts had many, many files about abuse, but they were not public because they were protecting the victims. Well, those days look like they may be ending soon.

The Boy Scouts' lawyers have long contended that keeping such files confidential is key to protecting the privacy of victims, of those who report sexual abuse and of anyone falsely accused. But over the years, hundreds of the files have been admitted into evidence — usually under seal — in lawsuits brought by alleged victims. The Times reviewed 1,600 of the nearly 1,900 files that came to light as a result of a 1992 court case.

Hundreds more will soon become widely available. In June, the Oregon Supreme Court ordered the release of 1,247 of the Scouts' confidential files covering two decades beginning in 1965. The files were submitted in a 2010 lawsuit that resulted in a nearly $20-million judgment against the Scouts. 

This sad story about the Scouts would not be complete without mentioning the moral guidance the Catholic Church provided in one case.
At a Rhode Island Boy Scout camp in 1971, a scoutmaster discovered a 12-year-old boy performing oral sex on an assistant troop leader, William Lazzareschi, behind a tent.

"Mr. Lazzareschi made me do it to him," the young Scout told officials, according to the file.

Lazzareschi "admitted his role in the act" and said he'd never done it before, the file states. He was expelled from Scouting and told to stay away from the boy. Nothing in the file indicates the Scouts called police.

The records do show that the boy was counseled "with positive results" by the Rev. Edmond C. Micarelli, the camp's Catholic chaplain.

"Upon Father Micarelli's recommendation, the parents were not notified," a report states.

Upon Father Micarelli's recommendation, the parents were not notified.  But why would the good Father do such a thing?
Micarelli's reasoning was not explained. But in 1990, he also wound up on the blacklist after a man told a Scouting official that the priest had raped him and his younger brother as boys. In 2002, the Diocese of Providence paid $13.5 million to 36 victims who sued Micarelli and 10 other priests, alleging sex abuse dating to at least 1975.
The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church -- bedfellows of the most despicable kind.

At least the Scouts do not have those immoral atheists mucking about.

This is Purgatory.



  1. Yeah, when I read the article earlier I had to shake my head when I saw the image of Yawgoog Council.

    As a former member of troops 42 Pawtucket and 13 Providence I have to say it doesn't surprise me that the Catholic church is neck deep in this.

  2. My son didn't make Eagle because he was an atheist. He called the local council and was told "Aw kid, just lie like everyone else." The Scouts taught him to lead, and to cheat at making camp fires.

    Their hatred of da gay was enough to stop us buying wreaths. And being an atheist female, "Girls, gays, and godless" cheesed me off. But when I read this article the other day it was a wake-up call for my naivety: When Catholics would say - pedophiles are everywhere; I'd counter with - yeah, but schools and the Boy Scouts call the cops and kick them out. Sigh; guess I'm not quite the cynical skeptic I hope to be!


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