Oil Recycling Company Initiatives Support Sustainability

Initiatives by oil recycling companies near me allow restaurateurs, professionals and the entire food service sector to contribute towards a more sustainable and clean environment. These resources can help restaurants turn waste quickly into money. Small cafes are also clients who use the oil recycling service, as are large institutional establishments such as medical facilities, prisons or colleges. Reduce environmental waste by using more plant and animal products.

Food Service Industry Businesses Benefit from a New Trend

Services offered by oil recycling companies include regular grease trap and interceptor maintenance as well cleaning. Such services are beneficial to restaurateurs that want to boost their profits or make their place compliant with the law. No matter whether a business produces only a couple of gallons per month, or if it has a grease trap with a lot to clean regularly, this type of service can be beneficial for all companies and institutions within the food industry.

The Bottom Line

Work with an oil recycler whose goal it is to keep grease traps in compliance with city code. Although you will need to invest in the system, collecting the grease and oil itself is completely free. Recycling is therefore a sustainable and cost-effective method for businesses to improve their bottom line.

An Engine Fuel That Burns Cleanly

It is not only renewable fuel, but it also burns cleaner than petroleum. The U.S. can rely on less foreign oil sources. The biodiesel fuel is better for the environment and creates jobs throughout the U.S.

EPA fuels are subject to strict requirements in terms of quality and performance. The biodiesel that has been produced using recycled material can be used for all engines. It is covered under warranties from major engine makers.

Some Important Statistics

The production of biodiesel has risen from 25 millions to 1 billion gallons in the first decade of this century. Biodiesel fuel producers expect to manufacture 10% of all diesel transport fuel by 2022. This will reduce the U.S. dependence on imported oil, reducing the U.S. trade deficit. There are biodiesel factories located all over the United States. These plants can each produce three billion gallons (or more) of fuel per year.

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