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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Left Behind -- God's Movie!

I knew it was coming- the remake of Left Behind. However, I had lulled myself into thinking is was far off in the future.

But it isn't. It's opening October 3.

Here's the trailer for the flick.

And since I was stuck in bed with my bad back, I proceeded to go on a Twitter/Facebook tear on the topic. Here are a few observations on Left Behind that I made into memes.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Racism, Uzis, and being Dad -- (with a wee bit of Jesus thrown in)

When I have the time I like to make short, funny videos full of jokes and commentaries on what's going on in the world. I wanted to touch on the father who was waiting for his kids to get out of school, and was assaulted by the police because  his skin wasn't the right color. Another story that smacked my gob repeatedly was the case of the child who accidentally shot her instructor at the gun range. And finally my son and I shared a moment together.

Hope you enjoy.


Monday, August 25, 2014

God Answered ALL Prayers

The City of Champions maybe renamed
the City of Prayer.
Brockton, MA Christopher Tourniquet told the world today that God has answered all of his prayers, and he has proof. The 45 year old shift supervisor at McDonald's and father of two held a press conference in his back yard at his home to go over the findings.

Mr Tourniquet has been keeping records for the last twenty years of the prayers he has offered up to the Almighty, and the responses he received. Piles of one subject notebooks lay on a picnic table to illustrate the thousands of hours of work that have gone into this project.

"I'm glad to report that Mathew 21:12, And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith, is as true now as it was when Jesus first said it," he stated as he held a notebook high in the air. "I have walked in God's ways and He has been good to me."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Are you a bad atheist?

A successful method of censorship used by
social justice warriors of the 18th century
You have no sense of humor.

There are some very earnest atheists who haven't cracked a smile since the Clinton administration. Many of them are really nice people (I know a few). They understand that laughter isn't a secular sin, and know at some deep level that our species does this thing with our faces and respiratory system when exposed to the funny. However, there are the godless humorless jihadi  who insist that laughing is forbidden due to the horrible state of the world. That life is so terrible that it is far best to focus only on the dire work ahead of us and work, work, work. Laughter cheapens the work, and if they aren't busting a chuckle neither should you.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

God Admits that Jesus was a Jerk

LORD God of the Universe, Yawheh, the Tamer of Leviathan, and Smiter of the First Born Baby Boys of Egypt, has announced in a press release that his son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is not the guy you want to build your moral foundation on.

"Jesus said a lot of nice things in his day: Love your neighbor as yourself; Give to the poor; Turn the other cheek; and now that I'm clean and sober I can get behind a vast majority of those things. However, let's be honest, the guy was a jerk -- a big sandal wearing Charles Manson-style hippie jerk."

Monday, July 28, 2014

Top Ten Signs You've Lost Your Religion

10. You don't have to explain to others that your relationship to God is "complicated."

There are knee-jerk theists (My god wrong or right!) and thinking theists (I need to read up on Thomas Aquinas to figure out if God can make a rock that He can't lift). If you were a thinking theist and now an atheist there is a very good chance that for a portion of your life you described your personal relationship with God as complicated. 

  • Most of those Old Testament stories never really happened. It's complicated.
  • The moral utility in the genocide depicted in the Great Flood? It's complicated.
  • God exists, but not in the same way that real stuff exists. It's complicated.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mayor of Dearborn Michigan tells citizens to 'turn to Allah' at Islamic event

Mayor Kannard asks citizens of
 Dearborn, Michigan
to pray five times a day for 

Allah's protection.

The mayor of Dearborn, Michigan, Mohammed Al Kannard, has signed an official proclamation exhorting citizens to turn to Allah for guidance on a daily basis.

The mayor has issued this statement in the midst of Ramadan so that the city's 40,000 or so Arab Americans feel that their religious freedom is protected by city government.
NOW, THEREFORE, I,Mohammed Al Kannard as Mayor of the City of Dearborn, Michigan, do hereby invite all Dearbornians to join in the thoughtful prayer and humble repentance according to Surah 72 of the Holy Qur'an  in order to protect this City from evil djinn.

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