Unique phone number is a great way of tracking down calls to their sources, duration, time, etc. There are many ways to using call tracking. 

  • Some companies rely on expensive method of getting unique numbers or number pools for some time to gather data enough to decide on reliable bids. After this period they cut that off which will even the costs and redo it when required. 
  • While buying, check how long your chosen number had been cleansed. If you receive too many bad calls (old calls from previous user), inform your provider and change the number. 
  • Check overage charges, meaning, how much you need to pay if you cross the agreed minutes of call-per-month.  
  • Get more pay per call marketing numbers, accumulating more call time than one number with fixed amount talk time. This will help cut costs over time.  
  • Understand your budget and reach out for features such as recording, caller ID, blocking, etc.   
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