Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Parenting Without "What Would Jesus Do?"

Took this at the Fine Arts Museum
in Boston.
My son is 13 years old. Fictitious god willing, he will live to an old age. But he is 13 years old, and that means he's hip deep in puberty (he grew an inch since June). Any cursory look at crime statistics and YouTube videos of extreme sports will make a parent think Teenage boys are prone to stupid acts of stupidity which can easily qualify them for the Darwin Awards.

(Look, for those of you who are teenage guys reading this with butt hurt you may feel a little better knowing there is no age related demographic I am in love with.)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Don't Believe In Asteroids And Boston Comic Con

I brought my kids to Boston Comic Con a few weeks ago. My daughter (10 years old) was very excited and got herself a new My Little Pony dress for the occasion. And let me say that getting the dress took some time and effort, my friends. First her mum looked online and saw that Target carried the dress, but you couldn't order online. Then I went over with my daughter to the closest store only to find out that the dress was a clearance item and that there were no more around. There were a few tears shed over the sad turn of events. However, the second Target we went to had the outfit and the day was saved. In related news, my son (13 years old) had some sort of Illuminati t-shirt on for the event.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Explaining A Logical Fallacy At The Pub

I want to tell you all, I am God. Well, I'm going to be playing God in a locally (Boston) made short film. It's an interesting project, and it's going to be a silent film done in the style of film pioneer Geroges Melies, the man behind the classic movie A Trip to the Moon. What? You don't know it? Here it is:

Friday, August 7, 2015

Non-Bullshit Parenting

I was over at the Friendly Atheist, and checking out a clip from Jon Stewart talking about the ambient bullshit that exists in our society. If you haven't seen it, it's worth a gander.

As a dad I try to point out bullshit to my kids as it occurs in real time. Of course, that can lead to situations like the one below.

Yeah, that's a true story.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Boy Scouts Of America And Other Updates

Two people in the whole wide world have actually seen me go full-balls into the subject of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). It wasn't pretty. My rant occurred the same night which caused me to swear off gin. I was knocking back gin and tonics like they were water. (I'd like to say this happened a long time ago when I didn't know any better, but I was in my mid-forties.) My rant started innocently enough with the subject of the British monarchy (unsurprisingly I am a small r republican), and then the BSA came up in conversation. That was the thing that spiraled me into a red faced, Bid them achieve me and then sell my bones  state of mind.

But I'm better now.

However, the BSA is one of my, well, we'll call it pet peeve and not obsession. That sounds healthier, psychologically speaking. Their recent decision to allow some gay scout leaders in some of their troops requires derision. I thought I would give you all a chance for the airing of grievances -- even though its not Festivus --  over at my Patheos blog, Laughing in Disbelief. I wrote a post titled Boy Scouts Of America Fill In the Blank! I hope you go over there and lob a comment or two.

Otherwise, my kids are out of town next week. This summer has been a grind for me with working four jobs, getting the new blog off the ground, and making a good faith attempt at being a decent father. I plan to write the monthly email letter next week to Purgatory subscribers and catch up on some much needed sleep.


Monday, July 20, 2015

My Experience At Sunday Assembly Boston XVI

My newest meme. It has nothing to do with this post whatsoever.

I'm a jerk.

And I'm a fully committed jerk, too.

Some writers or comics won't admit to going to an event just for the sake of looking for new material. And when I say looking for new material I mean making fun of whatever I find there. That's half  (the other half is alcohol) of the reason why I socialize -- especially with new people who I'm not sure I can tolerate or that they can tolerate me. One of the worse case scenarios is that I go somewhere, find no one interesting to talk to, discover that nothing crazy is going on, and that there is none of the drink to be had.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Laughing in Disbelief

I started Laughing in Purgatory (LiP) in 2009. I only wanted to be funny, share some of my personal life, and write about atheism. There have been many changes to the blog over the past years. Thanks to all of you who have been around from the early days. I have shared some of my experiences of being an atheist dad (even more if you subscribe to the monthly email letter). When I started blogging my youngest was four years old and my oldest seven. Time flies.

Oh, I'm not quitting. That last paragraph sounds like this is a goodbye post. It isn't.

This is a Hey, I'm doing this new thing over there and you should check it out post. First, the new thing is over at Patheos, and the new blog is Laughing in Disbelief (LiD). I'm not only going to be a contributor to the site, but I am the Chief Engineer of Mishegas. Second, I'm hoping that Laughing in Disbelief is going to be Laughing in Purgatory on speed. Envelopes will be pushed. The grey beards will gasp and respectable ladies will clutch their pearls. Third, I'm still posting on Laughing in Purgatory. My heart is here.

That being said, you can check out the first post on LiD: Man's Penis Converts And Becomes A Born Again Christian.

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