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It’s been a while since we saw the growth of executive condos

Singapore had seen a rise in executive condos in the last decades of the 20th century. Housing structures like these were introduced to the city by the government in order to control the rising demand of homes in the area. These executive condos, also known as ECs, were a cost-effective alternative to those expensive, private homes that people occupied in the past. The ECs that were created by the government’s development board helped provide housing for a huge number of city residents and curbed demand.┬áVisit Grand Dunman site plan before reading this.

Housing and Development Board of Singapore or HDB soon stopped building these housing types and shifted the emphasis to apartment-styled flats and homes. HDB projects have announced a new wave of ECs, which are gaining popularity. These projects will take place in various locations throughout Singapore. Many people living in Singapore will now be able purchase affordable homes for themselves and their families. ECs in this country are popular for a wide range of reasons.

These executive condominiums are cheaper to buy than many of the private condos. Although the prices of these condominiums are higher than that of HDB of Singapore’s flats and apartment, the HDB apartments and flats are the only affordable residential properties available in Singapore.

The amenities that are offered in Singapore by the ECs is very similar to what you will find in many of the private condominiums. There are many amenities available in ECs such as swimming pools, fitness centers, parking, children’s playgrounds, back-up power, 24-hour running water etc. These are all common characteristics of many of the ECs under development.

As the Executive Condominiums cannot be purchased by many of the Foreigners living in this city, the competition for these properties is low. Citizens are not required to spend a lot of money to own a condo in an executive complex. One of the reasons for the affordable prices of properties in executive condominium complexes such as the Signature at Grand Dunman is this.

The ECs are subject to a variety of restrictions, so not all city residents can own these properties. Due to this, only very few individuals are able purchase executive condominiums. A low-priced executive condominium in the city is due to this factor.