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Infusion of Vitamin C for Cancer Medication

We must first define cancer before we can choose a treatment. The cancer cells are primitive and grow under conditions of low oxygen. Cancer treatment involves reversing this impact. The root of any illness is oxidative stress, and cancer does not differ. Cells that are forced to grow under oxygen-deficient conditions are subjected to oxidative stresses. Come and visit our website search it on my iv doctors you can learn more.

Antioxidants are the most important way to reduce oxidative tension. The biochemistry of oxidative stresses is complicated and it’s not essential to disclose this. Nature has provided the best antioxidant, vitamin C. The ideal way to take it is intravenously.

Many studies have been done to prove the health benefits of Vitamin C. If you are taking intravenously you can use much more of the vitamin than those taking it only orally. Swallowing vitamin C can lead to bowel intolerance, which is a drastic loosening of bowels when you exceed the threshold.

Cancer cannot be treated with this bowel tolerence amount. It can be only achieved intravenously. They are pharmaceutical doses and not vitamin doses. Vitamin C is required to stop scurvy. You need 60mg a day. A pharmacological dosage can be anywhere from 35g-100g depending on weight.

To prevent the harmful effects of oxidative strain, an antioxidant is required. It is a series of events that cause oxidative strain. Parts of one cell steal from the other, damaging both cells. It is the damaged part of the cell that does the same for its neighbor and so on.

Radiation is a form of extreme oxidative pressure. The radiation damage the cells so that even if you are still alive after radiation exposure you will die some days later.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can protect you from oxidative stress and radiation poisoning. The military actually uses vitamin C for this purpose. When oxidative stresses occur, say after exposure to radiation for example, vitamin C stops the destructive chain reaction. It gets even better.

The vitamin C not only stops the damage from occurring, but it also removes the source of that harm. This is done by the glutathione detoxication pathway within the human body. Glutathione can be produced in the liver. Its function is to wrap any toxic substances within the body. Glutathione, after it has wrapped a toxic substance and removed it from the body, is excreted in the colon. If sufficient vitamin C is within the bloodstream, it regenerates glutathione so that the toxin can be eliminated.

Not only is harm corrected, but the toxin that was causing harm is also eliminated. It is recommended that prostate cancer patients receive 75g infusions twice a day for as long as necessary. On top of that, you need a good mineral combination with 200mcg vitamin D and 200mcg selenium.