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Jigsaw puzzles should be in every classroom

The most common toys that parents buy their children make photo puzzle. Although they are used primarily for entertainment, educators now realize that photo puzzles make excellent learning tools. If puzzles become part of a child’s learning arsenal, they can reap huge benefits. The reason is that completing photo-puzzles will strengthen a range of essential skills children require in order to learn.

Puzzles can be used to help teach a variety of subjects. Let’s take geography as an example. When a teacher wishes to have her students learn the location of different countries, she can make custom puzzles which will form a map of the globe once completed. They will need to finish the puzzle and learn “practically”. Other subjects can be taught using custom-made puzzles besides geography. You can use them to teach about plants and the human anatomy, for example. This method of teaching with custom-made puzzles is more effective because children will remember the information they learn because these puzzles are colorful and engaging.

Solving custom puzzles is a great way to strengthen skills for learning. As they place each piece into its correct position, their reasoning ability is sharpened. The puzzle presents a great opportunity for kids to learn spatial awareness, logic and reasoning. photo-puzzles not only help children develop their cognitive skills but also motor skills as they have to manipulate the puzzle pieces and put them in place. The children also improve their coordination skills, especially in everyday tasks such as writing or tying shoelaces.

It is common for teachers to use customized puzzles in group activities, where a group of kids work on the same custom puzzle. Children learn to work together in order to achieve a goal. The process teaches them social skills, such as negotiation, leadership, conflict resolution and etiquette.