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What is a Marijuana Medical Card?

What is a Marijuana Medical Card?

It’s hard to know what marijuana medical cards and medical marijuana are all about. What they can do and how you might be able to use them. People think that the marijuana medical card can be used by anyone who wants to take it recreationally. However, they are a highly regulated industry. What are they, and what protections and rights they offer to their holders? Let’s find out. Come and visit our website search it on NY Marijuana Card you can learn more.

Marijuana Medical Card Definition

These cards are state issued identification cards that have been approved and monitored closely by the Health Department of all 15 States and DC. States must closely monitor the patients, physicians and dispensaries who are involved in these “medical cannabis programs.” For this purpose, states created an identification card system whereby patients who are approved by doctors to participate in the program receive state IDs which allow them access to dispensaries to purchase and use their medicine. The industry is better regulated by this system.

Marijuana cards offer legal protection to their holders.

If the card holder holds a valid card in addition to abiding by their states medical marijuana laws – these vary slightly between each state – then they can be protected from prosecution for owning medical marijuana. The majority of states use an electronic card verification system to ensure that law enforcement does not arrest patients who are legally allowed to consume this natural medicine. Medical marijuana cardholders can transport, possess and use medical cannabis, as well as grow it in most cases. Their caregivers also enjoy the same legal protections and rights.

Why it is important to have a medical marijuana card

You can get your medical marijuana card if you have chronic pain or other symptoms that are associated with your illness. Only a licensed doctor can determine if this is an option. Only doctors licensed by your state are able to recommend marijuana medical cards. To legally utilize this medication, you must have a valid medical card from your state.