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The Survivalist Knife – A Simple Must For Your Outdoor Adventures

Many movies have popularized the survivalist knife. They have done it with a reason. These are really awesome tools that one needs for survival. When all else fails, this is one tool that can do a variety of jobs. It can carve out distress signals on the snow or dirt, help in starting a fire as well as doing the odd jobs too. This is one essential tool that any person who loves outdoors and the wilderness carries and owns.

So, the durability and the long-lasting nature of the survival blade are very important. And hence, it becomes a balancing act to choose from the different types of knives available. Some factors to consider are the cost of the knife, its functionality, and the durability.

Buying a tool for survival, like the knife, is not an easy task. There are several things to consider getting the best survival tool.

Some essential features of the survival tool – a knife, is as follows:

* The size of the knife matters. A bigger knife need not be better always. A smaller and compact one may also not be very efficient. It is very important to find the right size. A general indication of an ideal size of the knife would be around 9 to 11 inches.

* A sharp pointed tip is the next important feature that is very helpful. In matters of self-defence, against a beast, this pointed knife comes in very handy.

* A knife that can be used in situations that can turn out to be dangerous should have a good ergonomic design. The design certainly impacts the usage.

* The materials used in making this tool should be of high quality and deliver the best results.

Some of the knives that are produced by several brands such as Zero tolerance, Gerber, KA-Bar and even the tactical knifes as seen in the Rambo movies i are quite good. These are rugged and tough, which are to be used in tough situations. These tactical knives are actual working knives and not just some props in a movie.

The Gerber brand has an immense array of product line up. The Gerber lmf II is a military spec knife that is known to be suited for a wide range of missions. So, it is quite natural for you to ask, “where can I buy cheap Gerber knive lmf???” Well! It is not a difficult task to find it out. Once your decision is made regarding a tough military grade knife, then it is seemingly easy to find one.

The Zero tolerance range of knives are also cheap with their stellar design and superb ergonomics. ZT 350 – all models cheap too h. It is excellent value for money. The blades of these knives are a force to reckon with.

Something that is essential to an outdoor survival mission is a machete. Ka-Bar has some really good ones. Do review KA-BAR machetes [ONLINE] and see for yourself, how they are indispensable in your outdoor missions!