Who am I?

Well, there I am. If I look confused, agitated, and even maybe a little drunk that's because I was.

Religion scares me so I decide to make fun of it -- a lot. However, I don't just satirize the theists and nothing is sacred or off limits here. On Purgatory you'll find fake stories that seem eerily true, real stories that you wish were made up, and my own journey as a dad and an atheist.

I hope you laugh while you visit Purgatory, and think a bit, too.

When  I'm not making jokes, I drink, work with men who are brain injured, and writing a book of short stories about vampires.

I'm also going to post a few pictures of some interesting places I hang at-- interesting to me and hopefully for you too.

This is the Lorem Ipsum bookstore in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA. Inman Square is walking distance to Harvard and Central Squares. I go out drinking with friends in Cambridge quite a bit and this place is open very late.

You can follow me on Twitter @LaughPurgatory where I share my odd fixation on current events, science, atheism, and comedy. Every once in a while I'll riff on something that strikes me as incredibly stupid. Oddly enough, those tweets typically happen when I'm in the pub.

Check out Purgatory's facebook page where I share a variety of funny atheist related stuff that I happen across.

Thanks for stopping by.


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