Parenting In Purgatory

I thought I'd list some of the posts concerning my traumatic journey that is parenting. Many (not all) of these posts focus on parenting as an atheist.

A Talk About Brain Function With a Five Year Old 
Ali and I discuss the nuances of the Central Nervous System.

Science Nerd
My son calls me a Science Nerd and my response.

One Man's War Against The Birthday Industrial Complex
My reflection on a "destination birthday party" for my son.

Will's Rock Climbing Expedition
Will climbs a 46 foot tall ladder and what it means to me.

A Developmental Leap Forward for Will
Will makes his first funny joke (and it's about Evolution).

Assertiveness Training For Ali
Ali gets picked on and I go over the family policy.

Raising an Atheist or Disciplining in Purgatory
Will give some kid on the bus the dreaded Wet Willie.

I Have No Poop In My Pants
I think the title says it all.

Parenting in Purgatory II or The Best Part of Christmas
Being an Atheist and a non-consumer kinda guy can make it difficult at times.

Atheist Easter Fun!
Adventures surrounding the resurrection of our Lord.

Atheism, Parenting, Karate
My boy asks his karate teacher if it's OK to let his fists fly.

Parenting in Purgatory
I get played by my 7yr old.

Atheism, Parenting, and the Sidereal Year
Does my 8 year old know how long it takes the Earth to circle the Sun?

30 Days of Blasphemy - Day 21 - Blasphemous Parenting III
Will gets into an altercation at school and I don't make a good impression with the vice-principal.

30 Days of Blasphemy - Day 19 - Blasphemous Parenting II
My son is interested in joining the Boy Scouts - my reply.

Mypods and Broomsticks at the Dinner Table
Will discovers Islam via the Simpsons.

My Son - A True Believer.
He worships on the lap of his god.

Telling My Five Year Old Heaven Doesn't Exist.
I think the title says it all.

Five Ways How I'm Teaching Morality To My Kids

Happy Father's Day To All The Godless Fathers.
Curiously enough this was a bit controversial.

Atheists Bringing Their Kids To Church
Disagreeing without being disagreeable (hopefully)

Explaining Good Friday To My Six Year-Old

Five Reasons Why I'm Happy To Be An Atheist On Vacation
Oh, there are many reasons, but here are five.

My Boy Found God, Again
How powerful is the desire to believe? Read this.

Explaining Christmas With A Crappy Picture
Yep, you get to see the picture.



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