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Hire Me

 I can do a variety of things for you. Let me list them...
  • Do you have a funny script, but need it amped or simply have it read by someone who will give you honest feedback? I'm that guy. I've written several funny short and feature length scripts.
  • You need some funny content on your blog or site and need someone who can do it. Me. I'm that person.
  • Working on that comedic parody song and stuck? Send me a line.
  • Do you have a manuscript (short story, etc) and need someone to look over it and offer comedic suggestions? I'm there for you.
  • Do you need someone to help you with writing jokes? I can help you out.
Here is something from a writer who I did some work for.

 A few weeks ago, I was writing against a deadline. I put the word out that I needed a proofread. Andy was the first to respond, and the only one to actually read my script. I was expecting to hear the words, "No spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors. Send it!" Instead, Andy gave me a thoughtful review with many suggestions that I found extremely helpful. I've finished another rewrite, and today I'm sending my script out again. Thanks to Andy, it's a much more polished version, and I'm hoping for the best! 
- Don Levesque

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