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Laughing in Purgatory is pleased to announce a new member of the team: Jesus of Nazareth, aka Jesus Christ, aka God the Son, aka Christ. After reading about my emailing Santa Claus, Jesus contacted me and expressed a desire to field questions directly from the public. Jesus is aware that there may be those who are more interested with emailing him as against saying to the run-of-the-mill Lord's Prayer. And who wouldn't want to email Him? Don't you need some heavenly advice from someone who is omniscient and omnipotent?  Holidays will be a lot easier if you knew that irritating aunt or uncle is going to Hell. If you ask Jesus nicely he may do you a solid and take your name off His naughty list (Santa's list is another matter all together). Of course, emailers will need to understand that he may not get back to you immediately. Christmas is a very busy time of year for Him. There are many heartfelt wishes sent to Santa that end up with Jesus. Also bear in mind that natural disasters may cause a delay. The prayers flood (earthquake, drought, etc) in during those times.

Simply email Jesus at and place Jesus in the subject line.

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