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Microphones: How To Choose The Right One For Yourself

For a musician, or anyone related to the audio industry, sound quality is everything. The best lyrics or podcasts will be judged harshly if the sound quality is not up to the mark. In fact, if the sound quality is poor, there can be no content good enough to hide it.

Microphones are of different types and each of them has different characteristics. The choices are too many and the task of choosing the right mic can get confusing. This task can be made much simpler by keeping in mind some of the following tips. Read on to find out how you can make sure to get the right mic and always have the best audio quality.

How to choose the right mic?

1. Usage:

The most important and basic thing to ask yourself is how and where you are going to use the mic. Some mics are better for on-stage use while the others would work well in a home-studio recording.

With the number of models available, you will surely be able to find one that helps you record comfortably both in a studio or on stage.

You should also consider your budget, as it will not make sense to spend a huge amount of money if you are going to use the mic for recording at home.

2. Polar patterns:

Polar patterns refer to the sensitivity field of the mic. It means the different directions in which the mic is able to accept or ignore the sound. They may be unidirectional, bidirectional or omnidirectional.

Unidirectional mics comes in three patterns, cardioid, supercardioid and hypercardioid.

Some mics are also multi-pattern which means that their polar patterns can be changed. These mics give you added versatility in different settings.

3. Types and applications:

* Dynamic:

1) Dynamic mics are sturdy and a very reliable option. They do not need power supply and they work well when used for vocals, recording drums and guitar amps too.

2) There are many dynamic mics available today but one good example is the Sennheiser E 935. It is reasonably priced and the sennheiser e935 offers high specs too.

3) Another great product in this category is the SM7B by Shure. The SM7B is a very popular radio and TV mic, which gives you excellent shielding against electromagnetic hum. With an improved bracket design and a great price, the best sure sm7b is an all rounder mic.

* Condenser:

A condenser mic is ideal for recording vocals, as it is very sensitive to breathing. It is not suitable for high volume recording and it also requires apower supply. Due to its sensitivity, you get a natural and transparent recording.

4. Wireless mics:

* Wireless mics allow the musician to move around the stage freely. Majority of these mics are for vocals. It is important to keep in mind that if you are buying mics and receivers separately, you should be sure that they operate on the same bandwidths.

* One of the most popular brands is this category is Heil Sound. You can check their website for a range of top rated heil wireless microphones at best prices.

5. Audio interface:

* Another component that you must consider buying is an audio interface. These devices will let you record anything you want and your recordings will sound just they way you want them.

* A great product in this category is the Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface. You don’t need to carry a power cable since it is

powered by USB. Its superb features along with the positivescarlett 2i2 reviews online will show you why it is such a well loved product.

We hope these tips help you choose the right mic, which gives you a balance of performance and price.