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Actress Told She's Not Jewish Enough

Another strange but true story...
Rabbi David Lau,
Chief Rabbi
Most Americans assume that Israel is just like the US except for the schmaltz and challah.  While Israel probably does have more rendered chicken fat and braided bread per citizen, there are deeper differences between the governments as illustrated in the Hufffington Post piece Alin Levy, Israeli Actress, Must Choose Between Career And Jewish Conversion, Chief Rabbinate Says. 
JERUSALEM (RNS) The Chief Rabbinate, which has sole authority to determine who is and isn’t Jewish in Israel, is refusing to allow an actress to convert to Judaism unless she gives up her acting career.
You read that correctly. In Israel the Orthodox sect (the same group that believes that getting a tattoos is a transgression of the heavenly law) have control over the government recognizing the legitimacy of conversions.
Alin Levy, a 24-year-old Israeli who immigrated to Israel from Ukraine with her Jewish father and Christian mother, told Israel Channel 2 news that she recently halted the learning process leading up to her Orthodox conversion after the rabbinate told her that...
Wait for it...
“acting as a career does not go together with the spirit of religion.”
Maybe the Chief Rabbinate should join forces with Southern Baptists and radical Muslims in order to tell people who's on God's naughty list.

But I digress.
Levy, who gained fame while participating in the Israeli version of the TV reality show “Big Brother,” told the news show that she had been studying Judaism intensively and dressing more modestly.
For those of you who don't speak Conservative, modestly is code for Submit to whatever crazy thing men say. 

However, there is a ray of hope. While the mills of God are said to grind slowly but exceedingly small, the gears of liberty take time, too.
On Wednesday (March 19), a parliamentary committee approved a long-anticipated bill that would decentralize the conversion process. 
The conversion bill would allow municipal rabbis to create religious courts and conduct conversions to Judaism, transferring the power from a small group of rabbinic judges to as many as 30 local three-member rabbinic tribunals.
At least people will be able to shop around for a sympathetic tribunal under this system.

I wonder if you will be able to convert to Humanistic Judaism?

I'm guessing we'll have to wait some time for that.

This is Purgatory.

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  1. Its sad when I read a story like this, and there is no "this is a poe" at the end. It makes you realize just how messed up religion is with the laws they make. Good to hear that the extremist Jews are starting to lose their control in Israel, they even have to do military service now.


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