Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Atheist TV Network -- ATV

Coming soon...

ATV, Atheist Television, is going live this summer with a host of godless, secular, and skeptical programming. The 24 hour channel will host a variety of entertaining as well as educational shows.

Here is a small sample of what ATV has in store for its viewers.

Priest Watch

Ripped from headlines of newspapers around the globe, Priest Watch investigates charges of sexual misconduct of Catholic clergy. Tough guy Peter White, private investigator, teams up with chic but geeky scholar in Catholic canon law, Trisha Coughlin. The two globe trot around the world eating local cuisine and enjoying the sights all while bringing pedophile priests to justice.

Pinocchio wants you
to watch.
Who Said That?

This game show features two contestants who try to fool each other by creating outlandish statements from a popular religious fanatic or pseudo-scientific charlatan. The other person will then be presented with a list of real outlandish statements with the fake one thrown in. The question is whether or not the fake is good enough to pass for real?  Example: "The vibrational qualities of quanta resonate with the eternal mind," would be a fake quote from Depak Chopra which the other contestant would have to pick out from real (but scientifically unfounded) sayings by Mr Chopra.

Now say that 9/11
 was a Zionist plot!
Flipping Out!

This hidden camera show will show you the shocked, sad, and dumbfounded reactions of scientifically literate twenty-somethings while their dates spout off the most inaccurate conspiracy theories, religious beliefs (i.e., the world is only 6,000 years old), and general ignorance about the scientific process ("Scientific theories are just theories, duh."). Watch as host/comedian Joe Rogan tell the accomplice via hidden earpiece the wrong thing to say at all the right times. 

Is that in the Bible or the US Constitution?

This quiz show features Tea Party members going head to head in grim competition.

The prize? Their very own blog on ATV's website where he or she can write whatever anti-gay, anti-immigrant. or anti-whatever propaganda posts that cross his or her mind.

The challenge? Determine which principle, passage, or historical fact is from the Bible or from the US Constitution. Experience the contestants' discomfort as they are confronted with the fact the God of the Bible is not a small "r" republican or a small "d" democrat.

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Yes, this is a Poe.



  1. No 2 reminds me of the site :
    Really hilarious site . I visit once in a while to get a few good laughs ...

  2. I know it's a Poe, but really, why isn't there an atheist TV network? Calling it that probably wouldn't fly, but shows like these could certainly work, if coupled with reruns of Mythbusters, Bullshit, Nova, and Horizon, for example.

    Discovery and TLC (and others) have certainly let down their initial target audiences.

  3. Is it only me that gets creeped out by the picture next to Priest Watch?
    Personally, I think the Who Said That show would be the best, as I have seen some really imaginative atheists when they want to be.

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