Friday, November 8, 2013

I went to the Sunday Assembly and this is what happened...

I went to the Sunday Assembly the other day and, well, let me tell you...

Here is the link regarding some of the controversy: The Sunday Assembly has a Problem with Atheism

Here is a possible alternative to the Assembly.

Now, onto the event itself.

Daniel Thomas Moran is a poet and author of several books of poetry, and did a reading early in the service. I had a chance to chat with Daniel before the show started, and he's a fairly gut bucket type of guy. I shared with him my fear that when I'm in a nursing home someday I'll hear nothing but bad music I suffered through in my youth...

Here is Pippa Evans who is a co-organizer of the Assembly, a comic with a pretty awesome voice as well. Here she is doing a bit called How I'm Trying to Be Better.

Here are a few other pics I took while there.

Sanderson Jones, co-organizer of the Assembly, comic and Official Crowd Exciter.

On the left is Ann, a reader of LiP, and on the right is Mary Johnson.
Marry was a nun for 20 years and worked with Mother Theresa.

Greg Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard.
Yes, he does look very sincere 95% of the time.
Zachary Bos State Director of American Atheists
throwing in some subversive Pastafarian humor.


  1. Very interesting stuff I really appreciate your comments on this.I have been wondering about the whole idea,and so good honest opinions are always welcome as the community wades into this. Personally, I am still on the anti side.

  2. love your take and got a lot from the videos.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I was hoping to read reactions from someone who hadn't already made up his or her mind about the whole thing, and you delivered. My own reactions to church are too negative for me to be able to give it a fair shake. The singing was by far my least favorite thing about church, so it doesn't sound like anything I would have enjoyed.

    1. Your welcome. About the singing, it's interesting because I think there is a substantial minority of people who go to church specifically to sing. I met a woman a while back who went to a UU church regularly, and when I asked her why she said she went to sing.

    2. I think you are right. I've heard the same thing from some Christians about why they go to church. Makes me wonder if they've ever heard of karaoke.

  4. "This isn't for everyone" is right. I don't think I would enjoy this. I despise 1980's power ballads. Even if I loved singing Journey, I still think the atheist "church" is a bad idea. It's going to lend more credence to the fallacy that atheism is a religion. The media are already calling these gatherings "atheist mega-churches." And it's held, on all days, Sunday morning! There are just too many similarities with religious rituals that it just becomes creepy. It's not going to be good for the atheist movement simply because the theists are going to shout, "See? I told you that even atheists need to go to church! They're seeking god without even knowing it. They just need to open their heart to the Lord!" Meet on a Saturday night at a pub and just have a conversation. Don't pontificate to a crowd. There are enough churches doing that already.


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