Friday, June 21, 2013

Pokémon at the Creation Museum

Jonny Scaramanga, the blogger at Leaving Fundamentalism, asked me to write a guest post. I asked him if he had any topics he wanted me to write about, and he gave me full artistic control over the piece. I've had Pokémon on the mind as of late, but couldn't really get an angle on how to incorporate them into a godless blog post. Then I took a look at the Creation Museum's newest exhibit. Dragons: Fact or Fable? 

And thus was born my guest post, Prepare to Believe at the Creation Museum.  It's all about a fictitious Pokémon gallery opening about God's most awesome creatures that can fit inside a pokéball.

I hope you enjoy it.

But wait...

There's more!

I'm seeing World War Z this morning and went on a coffee fueled joke marathon last night.

Here are some of the more memorable jokes.

FOX News reports that zombie apocalypse would never have happened if the 10 Commandments were in every classroom. #atheism #worldwarz

World sighs in collective relief: At least it wasn't glittery vampires. #WorldWarZ #zombie

"Sure, I said no more floods. The #zombie apocalypse was always on the table." - God #WorldWarZ

Chris Stedman says "I'm a zombtheist." #zombie #worldwarz #ObscureJokeNoOneWillGet

Ann Coulter, the only person more likable as a zombie. #worldwarz #zombie

Bill O'Reilly says, "Zombies go in; zombies go out. How do you explain that?"#atheism #zombie #worldwarz

FOX News: Sure, Sweden has no zombie problems due to prudent policies, but we DON'T want to be like Sweden. #zombie #WorldWarZ

Christian apologists report that #zombie apocalypse is proof that God exists and that He loves you. #atheism

The Tea Party reports legions of new members as the number of brain dead sky rocket. #zombie #WorldWarZ

Point of order: The #zombie apocalypse has been raging in Mississippi for months. No one noticed that the brain dead were no longer breathing.

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