Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Atheists Respond to the Bombings in Boston

Taken from the Longfellow Bridge

I found out about the bombings yesterday while listening to NPR on the way home from the comic book store. The reporter mentioned the bombing and then  the station went back to its regular programming (an odd choice under the circumstances). I switched over to a Boston sports channel and heard the initial gruesome details. It was eerily similar to 9/11 when I initially heard about those attacks via the Howard Stern Show, and for a few minutes he was the only one covering the story. 

Here is the official statement from Boston Atheists and the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts concerning the incident.

We know that we’re not alone among atheists and other secular people in wanting to show sympathy and support in response to today’s tragedy. Although prayer isn’t for us an option, we are ready to help by working with the Red Cross and other emergency and community organizations in any way possible.
Leaders of local secular organizations like the Boston Atheists and the Secular Coalition for Massachusetts have been diligently monitoring communications for any opportunity to respond constructively to the tragic events of the day. We may have a different religious perspective, but on days like today, those differences pale in comparison to what brings us all together as members of the community.
Our thanks go to the first responders and other support staff who came to the aid of the victims in Copley Square today, and who have been working since then to protect our safety. Above all, our thoughts and compassion are with the victims and their families.
Signed –

Zachary Bos
Co-chair, Secular Coalition for Massachusetts
Massachusetts State Director, American Atheists
Immediate past president, Boston Atheists
Ellery Schempp
Co-chair, Secular Coalition for Massachusetts
Josiah Van Vliet
President, Boston Atheists

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