Friday, March 1, 2013

The Adonai, Roswell, and Area 51

My newest post over at The Atheist Pig is titled  The Adonai, Roswell, and Area 51. For those of you are aren't acquainted with the term Adonai, here is the definition from the Jewish Encyclopedia 
This word occurs in the Masoretic text 315 times by the side of the Tetragram YHWH (310 times preceding and five times succeeding it) and 134 times without it. Originally an appellation of God, the word became a definite title, and when the Tetragram became too holy for utterance Adonai was substituted for it, so that, as a rule, the name written YHWH receives the points of Adonai and is read Adonai, except in cases where Adonai precedes or succeeds it in the text, when it is read Elohim.
Basically the word was used to refer to God since God's name, YWHW, was forbidden to say.

My longtime friend, Mike T., made the observation at our recent meetup that if space aliens arrived who had the same morality as Yahweh, then we would have to fight them. I instantly saw the comedic possibilities  and decided to write it out for Atheist Pig.

I hope you read the piece and enjoy it.



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