Friday, March 15, 2013

Texas Passes 'Christ-Centered' Sex Education Law

The new poster child for sex ed in Texas.

Houston, Texas Lawmakers have passed bill SB 310, otherwise known as the 'Taking wombs back for Jesus' or 'Christ-centered sex education' into law. The new law revokes the secular-socialist model that Planned Parenthood used within the state, and replaces it with system that promotes traditional values. The bill was introduced by Senator Ken Paxton who believes that Planned Parenthood places too great an emphasis on sexual freedom, and that something had to be done about the fact that Texas leads the country in teen pregnancy. This disturbing fact that has nothing to do with the 1995 legislation that made abstinence the only sex ed that students would receive.

Here is the expert testimony from the hearings from a mother of five .
... Renate Sims of Round Rock told the Senate Education Committee she strives to teach her five children that “married sex and only married sex is appropriate.” 
“Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and their affiliates can’t possibly communicate this message effectively because of their inherent conflict of interest. If teenagers consistently viewed sex as something to be saved for marriage, Planned Parenthood would lose abortion business,” Sims said. source
What is the new modus operandi for Planned Parenthood in the Lone Star State? Here is the four point plan of the new law.
  1. Planned Parenthood will now be re-branded as TMP (Traditional Marriage and Procreation ).
  2. All professionals (teachers, janitors, etc)  at TMP will sign loyalty contracts that specifically state that he or she will never think or act in a manner contradictory to the company's mission. Random lie detector tests will be administered to staff.
  3. The word math will be substituted for sex, and faith will be substituted for education. Example:  Mary, who is in the 9th grade, got pregnant despite all the mathy faith she received in school. 
  4. TMP will be using social media to get their word out to the kids. This new video will get the message out that God, Jesus, and obedience trumps secularism, the Enlightenment, and reason.

The liberal enclave of Austin have chosen to secede from the state due to this measure.

*Yep, this is a Poe, kinda sorta. You should click the links above to get the whole story. 


  1. You know it amazes me that they implemented abstinence only and saw teen pregnancy rates rise. And now they want to go further?

    Are they complete morons?

    1. Apparently he commenter below has some first hand experience with the Texas school systems.

    2. "Are they complete morons?"

      yes and no. if you are to take their rhetoric at face value, then of course they are complete morons. If you look at the results of similar policies in other states and countries, i.e., a more ignorant populace that is too busy caring for teenage mothers' babies to actually pay attention to what their Legislature does with their money----which in turn allows the Lege to do whatever the hell they want and get away with it.......then these people are Luciferian geniuses.


  2. I thought this would be a satirical piece, but it is oh-so-close to the truth. I've read your blog/followed you on Twitter for a while. I volunteered to sit on the committee to choose a sex ed program for our district's middle schools 2 years ago (a very large district outside Houston). Someone should do a documentary on what happened to us. The sad thing is, if you poll Texan parents, the vast majority of us WANT comprehensive sex ed in schools. A few very vocal fundy xtians who don't mind lying for Jesus are preventing it. Most people just aren't up to having their parenting questioned in public, community-wide meetings by their neighbors, which is what happened to me.

    1. I have always found that small and motivated groups steer policy,

  3. I don't get it. I just went to the texas Legislative site:
    and I don't see anything there about Rebranding (renaming?) Planned Parenthood, Signing loyalty contracts, Substituting words for sex, or practically anything. It's a scary bill no doubt, but I think you've exaggerated it quite a bit. Unless you have some sources you didn't link to...

    1. Joe, didn't you know by now, if it is on the Internet it must be true ? :-)

  4. This is one of the most important blogs that I have seen, keep it up!


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