Monday, March 25, 2013

Supreme Court Judge Scalia Wants the Court to Strike Down the 13th Amendment

A tireless defender of the Constitution.

Washington DC Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wants the court to strike down the 13th Amendment prohibiting slavery. The 13th Amendment was ratified by the federal government in 1865 after a long legislative battle. The Northern states quickly passed the addition to the Constitution, while Mississippi eventually got around to completing passage of the law in February 2013.

Justice Scalia has been working tirelessly to convince fellow justices that the Supreme Court has the power to strike down unconstitutional amendments. An anonymous source inside the court states, "His chief argument is that the Northern states rammed through this legislation when the South could not marshal an adequate rhetorical defense due to their defeat in the War of Northern Aggression. The only reason why it passed two-thirds of the state legislatures is that Georgians understood that they only way they could relieve themselves of the Northern occupiers was to vote in favor of prohibiting slavery."

Some justices have simply rolled their eyes at the man who has epitomized the lunatic right. However, some have wasted the time in pointing out to Scalia that the Supreme Court doesn't have the power to strike down amendments. Justice Scalia is reported to have said, "Power, shmower, the constitution doesn't even give us the authority to strike down unconstitutional laws. The court seized the power to nullify laws in Marbury v Madison. We can easily do the same for amendments that have been passed under duress."

Critics of the justice have pointed out that Scalia has a long history of making bigoted comments. "He has compared blacks to drug users, prostitutes, pedophiles, the list goes on and on. What sort of country is this when a man like that has power to discriminate against so many people?" William Hall of the Mid Atlantic States Law Center.

*Obviously this is a Poe, but Scalia does have a history of comparing gays to drug abusers, etc -- check out the link above.

Oh, and this last joke...


  1. I thought this was a serious story for about a minute. :/

  2. it was just a half second, but the fact that there was a moment of belief makes me sad


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