Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sheldon Cooper's Guest Post: My Pathetic Attempt at Humor

Well, here's my attempt of having a little humor about life, I know it won't measure up to the the great Andrew Hall and his humor skills, whether it be at memes or in his parody writing, but I'll give it a try.
I work in a warehouse, dealing with truckers all shift long, for 12 hours most days, and it doesn't help that my shift happens to be the busiest and most chaotic at my company, this is how I feel most days at work:

I have noticed a trend of classic rock/ "greatest hits" stations playing some 90's rock now, some of it is good, and I enjoy (like Metallica), others, well....

Gay marriage will soon be legal in my home state of Illinois, a bill to legalize it passed in the state Senate, the House should pass it within the next couple weeks, he's a few of my thoughts on the matter:

Well, I guess I won't be a famous comedian anytime soon, but I hope you enjoyed my attempt at humor. ;)

Cooper is an agnostic blogger, read his views on religion and life at Ramblings of Sheldon. Sheldon is a long time fan of Laughing in Purgatory, and has even written guest posts in the past for LIP. If you are wondering, yes the name does come from the character from the show The Big Bang Theory. 

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