Monday, February 18, 2013

An Atheist Meme-ish Movie

I was going through the gaggle of memes I've made over the past few years and decided to pick a few and put them in a short video.




  1. I never saw your god and Dexter meme. I think it was my favorite one!

  2. My favorite is, "The Calvinist Particle." It sucks being you, lol.

    1. Thanks. I'm pretty happy with that one too.

  3. The Calvinist Particle. So funny buddy. I couldn't help but admire the guitar tone (the playing was ok-ish, but...) but the tone was super. Who is that btw. Awesome


    oh yeah, I'm blog breaking right now. I'll be back for spring/summer 2013...unless an asteroid kills the world-n-shit.


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  5. I've just discovered LiP, so I hadn't seen all of these--the Romans 13 is awesome, along with "Burned the God Delusion--Zero Riots".


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