Friday, January 4, 2013

My Chimpanzee Post Over at Atheist Pig

An old meme offering advice to radicals
who wanted to burn the Qur'an.

I just wrote a guest post over at Atheist Pig titled Chimpanzee to set off Another Civil War. The satirical story depicts a happy chimpanzee in the National Zoo whose self-love may just tear this country apart. I got inspiration for the post from two real life stories.

I was reading the Friendly Atheist blog the other day about how the Christian dean of Liberty School's law program stated that gay marriage was the issue that would herald another civil war in the US. You read that correctly, a new war of Northern Aggression was in the works because two guys (or two women) have that crazy idea that their relationship is equal to a heterosexual one. (I've been in long term relationships with both genders, and let me tell you all that the problems I faced were eerily similar regardless of my partner's plumbing -- i.e., I am a jerk.)

Gobsmacked, I went to Think Progress to see what was going on only to find the American Family Association (AFA) stated that by 2060 Christians are going to be treated like blacks were during Jim Crow.

Desperation breeds exaggeration. The Religious Right see the statistics that 20% of America say that they have no religious affiliation, and are panicking. Their strategy is to amp the crazy in hopes that it will attract more people to the so-called God of love. Good luck with that.

Those two stories were too good not make fun of.

I hope you enjoy my post over at the Atheist Pig.



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