Friday, January 18, 2013

Milky Way Galaxy May be Less Massive than Originally Thought, and Evangelicals are Exuberant

Evangelicals are Excited that Science is Wrong Again! is the name of the guest post I did over at The Ramblings of Sheldon. This Poe is based on an article I read about how new research questions how much mass our galaxy has. Whenever I read such a piece I ask myself How will religious zealots misinterpret this data? and the funny starts flowing from there.

Oh, the meme at the top of this post? It refers to the jailed Egyptian secular blogger who is locked up in a Kuwaiti jail for blasphemy. You should call your Senators and Representatives about this. Not only do you get to apply political pressure for his release, but by making the phone call you also grow the political power of our community.


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  1. Science readily admits when it's wrong - which is how it advances. It has ignorance as a motivating factor. Religion can't and won't do this. It maintains that its opinions are truth, and the sciences maintain that its truths are opinions, plus science has the advantage of 'peer' review which is something that NO religion can EVER have!


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