Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Not Funnier than Jesus?

Kripalu was once a center for Jesuits.
 I'm bathing in the irony.

I'm writing you from deep in the Berkshires of Massachusetts at yoga camp, aka Kripalu. It was originally built and ran by the Jesuits, but now is a center for, ahem, the alternative healing arts and yoga.

Why am I here?

Well, you'll have to wait for a minute while I tell you about being on the Connected Comedy Podcast. This podcast is focused on the business of comedy, and on how comedians can use the internet to boost their careers. The team asked me come on to talk about my experiences blogging, being an atheist, and doing stand-up so I, of course, agreed wholeheartedly. The discussion covered quite a few topics. Jordan Cooper, Chelcie Rice, and Josh Homer are class acts, and treated me quite well. The most important thing I got out of the episode, I'm happy to say, is that I have been desensitized to hearing my own voice. Hearing myself speak had been an onerous task. However, I'm happy to report that my teeth no longer grind when listening to my own voice. If you want to hear what I have to say, you may click here to listen to Connected Comedy Podcast Episode 27: You’re Not Funnier Than Jesus

Back to my current predicament.

I am at yoga camp because I've been saying no to my wife a lot lately. To tell you all the truth, I've been saying no to things that are out of my normal schedule. My days are either spent at work, doing menial tasks at home, making  sure my body doesn't deteriorate any faster than absolutely necessary (i.e., going to the gym), child related tasks, blah, blah, blah. In that rush I'm quick to say no to something that doesn't really, really interest me. 

Those of you who are geeks, nerds, and/or comics can understand that this focus we have often times bugs the crap out of those people around us. It can grind down relationships. And it can oftentimes happen without us even knowing it (because we're either thinking about a joke or maybe focused on the Holy Roman Empire or zombies or joke telling zombies from the Holy Roman Empire). 

I came to a realization the other day. I was getting my haircut when Angela, the person cutting my hair, summarised our conversation, "You're not going on three short trips in the next six months with your wife?"


That made me sound like some...

some sort of jerk.

I couldn't have that. My whole shtick is based on projecting my own inadequacies on others. Knowing that I'm a jerk imperiled my fragile ego as well as the shtick. That was not acceptable.

So, here I am to spend a few days at Kripalu where I can get my aura photographed (I'm not making this up, they offer aura photography here) my tarot cards read, and get some Reiki healing all while attending yoga classes and enjoying the natural beauty of the Berkshire Hills. Oh, here's an extra bonus: My liberal Christian buddy is coming us from Washington DC (the same guy who let me stay with him when I went to the Reason Rally last year) to spend a few days at yoga camp. That guarantees at least one good conversation about Christianity.

Yes, my wife understands that being here with me entails listening to me riffing on the Kripalu curriculum absurdum. She's a good sport. 

But you have to be...

this is Purgatory.



  1. Couple o' thingies my online atheist buddy...first of all, I'm saddened that your Patriots lost yesterday. to me it's about the team that teakes the high road, classy and professional lost to the team that stabs people. Besides that Ray Lewis mentioned God so many times. Oh lawd please, no.

    Second, you are funnier than Jesus. His comedy kills people. and third...

    Didja see the post from the atheist mommy in Texas that set the record for comments on CNN. She is getting a lot of press. you need to check this one out.

    And lastly...Because I live in Nor-Cal I'am always in environments where there is yoga, new age *spiritualism8 whatever that is, but then again, there are always super hot chicks there.

    Awesome sauce.


    1. Thanks, Kriss, for giving me the heads up on that blog. She certainly has gotten quite a bit of good and bad attention from her piece.

  2. I always wondered where I could get my aura photographed. Now I know....

  3. The things people do for relationships, right? lol.


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