Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Few Bits, a Few Pieces, and a Podcast

One of my favorites

I was going to start off the post with a joke about Megan Fox (the supposed super-hot actress whose performances always left me cold) talking in tongues at her Pentecostal church, and complaining about being treated like a hunk of genetically modified sexy slab of Angus beef after she posed scantily clad for Esquire. But I decided not too.

I was going to start off with a bit how Obama, in the wake of religiously inspired insanity, is unveiling executive orders to tax churches, fortify the Swiss cheesy like wall between church and state, and fighting the NRA (National Religious Association). But I'm not doing that either.

I am here to talk about the Laughing in Purgatory section of the Left Hemispheres podcast. In the past year, I've been a guest host on their podcast, and now I'm going to do a regular bit on the program. I'm a bit of a podcast junkie at this point listening to comedy as well as atheist 'casts: WTF with Marc Maron, The Human Bible, The Bible Geek, Ardent Atheist, The Nerdist (BTW, the Jan 14th episode with Chris Jericho is fantastic), Think Atheist, Joe Rogan's, Adam Corolla's, Connected Comedy (I was a guest on this 'cast, too, and I'll do a full post on my experience there), and, of course, Left Hemipheres. I was musing on Facebook about possibly doing a podcast of my own, when Steve of Left Hemispheres offered me to do a stand alone, independent regular bit. I have to tell you, my friends, I've never said non to a blank check before, and I never will. 

What do I plan to do on the podcast? My main goal is not to suck. This has been a guiding principle in my life for quite a while, and has proven to be the key to, well, not sucking. I'm going to do interviews, maybe a few rants, and anything else that strikes me (and you... feel free to offer suggestions) as worth talking about. My introductory five minute bit can be found in the recent episode (click here).

Just as the tone on the blog is a bit different than the monthly newsletter I send out to email subscribers (you are one, right?), and differs from the stand up I do, the podcast is going to be another manifestation of whatever the hell I do here.


Because this is Purgatory.

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  1. Excellent Andy! I am looking forward to it. I love your goal of 'not sucking'...that whole sentence got me laughing...and rethinking my goals for the day...


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