Monday, December 10, 2012

The Freedom From Religion Foundation Sends a Letter to the Mayor of Taunton, MA

A friend and member of the local atheist group I belong to, Brockton, Ma Area Atheists, contacted the Freedom From Religion Foundation concerning the nativity scene on city property in Taunton, MA. Below is the letter the FRRF sent to the mayor.



Here are two of the pictures that the FFRF included with the letter.


  1. This is the sort of shit that gets us atheists into the doghouse with the rest of America. Let them have their silly statues and don't get so damn worked up about it. Geez.

    1. It can't be allowed period. The xians know full well exactly what they are doing and they know it is wrong.

    2. Geoff Gariepy - Churches can put their stuff on display on their own tax-exempt property. But in too many cases, they demand that it go up on public property. By doing this, the religious are using money from taxpayers to promote their delusion. This theft of public funds should not be allowed under any circumstances.

      In my opinion, the FFRF was "worked up about it" to exactly the appropriate degree.

    3. I disagree. While it seems petty we can't let even these small digressions stand. If we do, when it comes to the big things the religionists will cite the smaller things as precedent, and claim those things give them the right to get away with the big things. Essentially if we give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

      As John S said, churches have acres and acres of tax-exempt property--property that we subsidize to the tune of $71 billion/year. They can put all the statues/displays/monuments they want there. They have no business erecting their stuff on public land, and we must fight all of their attempts to do so.

  2. I lived in a small town were they put up the nativity scenes in front of the court house. The town also had a small minority of Jewish and pagons who also put there decorations up next to the nativity scenes. After repeated vandalism to the non christian decor the town decided to take everything down including the christian nativity scene. Later on in the following weeks upset Christians wrote in to the local newspaper complaining on how this was all the atheists fault on way they cant have anything. I just though i would share this lil tid bit of christian stupidity.


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