Friday, October 26, 2012

The Rogues' Gallery

The original database for people who
had lost their sense of humor.

I've added a new page titled The Rogues' Gallery. The Rogues' Gallery is not to be confused as a dungeon (ala PZ Myers) where people who are no longer allowed to comment are sent to. No. This page is dedicated to all the people who don't understand satire and feel the need to express that particular trait in very interesting ways. Each comment in the Gallery will have some background information concerning what brought an otherwise intelligent person (probably) to simply not get it. Allow me to state for the record that I'm not including people who don't like my sense of humor. It's obvious to me that not everyone uses a thinly veiled coping mechanism while dealing with the inanities that life presents us all. That being said, the people featured here seem to have lost all sense of the satirical and in humor that goes beyond the simple knock-knock joke.

Here are the first inductees into the Gallery. Others will be added as time passes.

1. I did the post Arizona State Senate Passes ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ Pregnancy Law over at Atheist Pig. The piece is mocking the Republican filled Arizona Senate who passed the 'wrongful birth' bill in March of 2012. The real bill stated that doctors do not have to tell a pregnant woman that the fetus is deformed or disabled in some way. My piece was about a fictitious bill stating that medical professionals in Arizona are to tell women that they are not pregnant to ensure that no abortions take place. I placed links to the original bill and a Huff Po piece as 'a wink' to the audience that this was indeed a Poe. At the end of the post I stated that it was a Poe.

Here is what Steve wrote.

2. I burned The God Delusion a while back during one of the many times when Muslims went mad after the Qur'an got mishandled in some way. I made a bunch of memes and one of them was placed on a humanist site. There was one comment from a humanist that stated "Death is too good for people who burn books. Period" In response to this comment I did what any comic would: make a meme with the person's face (taken from their Fb page) with their exact quote. I tweeted this particular image a lot along with a post explaining the situation.

Well, the internet is a harsh place and it's easy to get a rather jaundiced view of humanity. This particular story has a happy ending. (This is an updated post, by the way.) I was contacted by the person who had made the remark and he apologized. Here is part of the email.
I seem to have wound up on your page with something about death threats ffs?! There appears to have been some kind of really heinous misunderstanding. I vaguely remember seeing that graphic and objecting to the idea of burning books. Maybe I was having a bad day or something but I definitely did not mean to make a fucking death threat!! If that's how it came across then obviously I totally apologise.
The email went on, but you get the basic idea. He even volunteered to help out on Purgatory. I was happy to let him know that I was taking him down from Rogues' Gallery and deleting the original post.



  1. I like it...we need to laugh our way through some of the absurdity that life throws at us. If we can't do that...what a sad life we would be living.

  2. I think burning the God delusion was the best thing you have ever evah, and I do mean evahhhhhhh..did. or not. (was' up R.B.).


  3. The Gallery is a great idea. I just hope I can manage to avoid being placed in it!

    1. I'm saving The Gallery for people who have really, really, really gone above and beyond to identify themselves as comically impaired. If you're a regular reader, then I'd imagine you can't be in that category.

  4. Of course, the ones who don't get satire give us more material to satirize, which then creates an endless loop for the satire-challenged.


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