Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hitler LikesThe Bible

Came across this Bible verse this morning.

You may feel free to give me a Godwin.



  1. This is why I read your blog...I never could have thought of that. Quite simple and to the point--even a fundie could grasp it! Well done Andy.

    1. Thanks. I aim to entertain as well as inform.

  2. Of course, don't you know Hitler was really God's instrument to get the Jews into the Holy Land in time for the End Times?

    You need a proper understanding the scope of the situation. God alone knows how God's gift of suffering humbled many proud Jewish hearts and brought them to the one true faith. The experiences of this life are nothing compared to eternity, and so long as a Nazi sincerely believed literature like the Protocals of the Elders of Zion and acted in good faith and thought the Final Solution was necessary to society, there's no reason that hypothetical Nazi wouldn't be admitted into the Kingdom.

    I cite BS Lewis' passage in Mere Christianity, wherein he defended witch burning on the grounds that the burners sincerly believed in the existance of witches and demons. Good 'ol BS Lewis! Now there was a great thinker! His thoughts were truly captive to Christ and safe from the prowling grasp of the Enemy!

    (also, it's better to die in a train crash than to grow up in this corrupt world. Repent Susan and be a good girl, and if you're lucky Aslan'll throw a train at you)

    And really, to paraphrase WL Craig, you're forgetting the true victims of the Holocaust: all the poor Nazis who had to operate the concentration camps and force themselves to kill those people.

    You nonbelievers really need to get your heads screwed on straight, capture your thoughts to the service of God, dump your relativism and learn some true morality.

    From: the right Reverend Ima Poe.


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