Sunday, October 21, 2012

6 Scary Halloween Costumes For Atheists

Dressing up for Halloween and going to party with your godless friends? Here is my list of scariest Halloween costumes you can wear.

6. A Jesus Ween Chapter Leader

INDIVIDUALS: can participate [in Jesus Ween] by giving out several Christian gifts on October 31st and especially when someone knocks on your door expecting candy, we prescribe you give a pocket size bible, Christian musical or teaching cd, Tracts, Poems, etc. - from the Jesus Ween site

5. One of the Godly Scout Masters from the Boy Scouts Perversion Files

*WARNING: This costume is too scary to be worn around children
 4. Science Denying Republican
H/T to Jerry Coyne

3.   60% of the American Public

Of course, we're talking about the 60% of Americans who either don't believe in evolution or are so in the dark on the matter they have no opinion whatsoever. I'm not really sure what the costume would look like, but I suggest breathing through the mouth, a vacant stare and the chanting of "USA! USA! USA!" Southern accents are optional.

2.  Your Nana
Pushing Nana all the way to heaven
Why are many atheists in the closet? One word: Nana. The same woman who gave you baths in the kitchen sink when you were a baby is the same woman whose heart would break if you ever came out as godless. Damn Nana. Damn her all to hell.
1. That Really, Really Hot Religious Guy or Girl You Liked.

This is a particularly scary for the godless, because many of us have fallen prey to someone who had a faith-based lobotomy at one time or another.


  1. Well, I guess even Atheists have the right to have fun on Halloween. Although, more than being scary, those are some of the funniest adult costumes I've ever seen.

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