Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mitt Romney Is Not Surprised That Rural Whites Like Ahmadinejad To Obama

Mitt speaks from his heart.

Early this morning Mitt Romney called a press conference to announce that he is not surprised by the newest Gallup poll stating that rural whites prefer Iran's President Ahmadinejad to Obama.
I love America because America loved me first. Being born in America is just like being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. While my spoon was more like an enormous novelty utensil that you can only find at Harvard vs Yale games, everyone in America has a silver spoon -- even if it's one of those Barbie Dream House ones. 
The good folk who make up the heart of America, rural white people, have overwhelmingly told the world that President Obama is not one of us. They have spoken with one voice in a recent Gallup poll saying, "I like President Ahmadinejad of Iran better than Obama." The soul of our country has spoken -- Obama is not American. President Obama is the anti-Romney. He shepherds his flock so he can win elections and squeeze as much money out of those who have been born with the large novelty silver spoons in their mouths. He is the leader of the 47 percent.

The Romney campaign then gave the attendees this screenshot of the Iranian news agency reporting the Gallup poll.

Fox News reporter, William S. Khannard, stated, "Well, this is it. The campaign in officially over."

The Obama campaign quickly sent out this story from a respected true-blue American news source.

Mitt Romney is reported to say, "I didn't speak elegantly, but I stand by the spirit of the message."

Yes, this is a Poeception --  a Poe within a Poe.

(I'll give credit to Bret Allan for noting that this piece is a Poeception. I hate the idea of stealing other people's jokes. Here is his blog: My Humorous Agenda ) 


  1. Trolling the trollers! Yup the GOP has finally reached rock bottom!

  2. Any American who would rather hang with Aaaaackkkkkkkmaninajet, than with Obama, should be flown over Iran and dropped there with a parachute. Did I say "with a parachute?"

  3. Mitt Romney is a horrible person and if white rural people really think that, they're drooling idiots. This is the typical racist snobby elitist attitude that Mitt and the entire GOP are famous for. He thinks half of Americans aren't really American. Disgusting!


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