Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Riffing On The GOP Convention

I spent a few hours watching the GOP convention last night and did some commentary on Twitter.


Yeah, I'll be doing more analysis on the event tonight.



  1. Like you, I am a glutton for punishment and sat through a few hours of it as well. It is amazing to me to see what they do not say, as well as, the facts they choose to ignore or omit. It was so dishonest, I found it hard to sit through. That said, I too am ready for round 2 tonight.

  2. I watched the series "West Wing" over a period of a year and received an education about American politics. Then I watched the Republican convention. Most of the issues 6 years ago on this series still haven't been solved today. The right wing fundies back then were no where near as crazy as the GOP is today. Are we destined to float in agony and despair for eternity? (This coming from a Canadian.)


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