Monday, August 6, 2012

God Wants This Pastor To Punch You In The Face.

Turing is not amused with Bentley's shenanigans.

I wish this was one of my made up stories. One of those stories that is so absurd people say "This can't be true" while a small voice whispers in the back of their head What if it is?

This is not a Poe/hoax. Although I wish it was.
I found this story on the Huffington Post this morning Todd Bentley Controversy: British MP Wants To Ban Preacher From United Kingdom For Kicking People
The tattooed leader of Fresh Fire Ministries, based in Lakeland, Florida, plans on touring the UK this month, the Daily Mail reports. Several citizens, however, are begging officials to ban Bentley from the country, citing the preacher's violent healing tactics as potentially harmful.
You read that correctly, the man hits people with the power of the Lord in order to heal them.
In one interview, Bentley claims that the "Holy Spirit" told him to kick an ill elderly woman in the face with his biker boot.  
"Just as my boot made contact with her nose," the 36-year old said, "she fell under the power of God." 
In another video segment, the preacher claims he cured a man of both cancer and a broken sternum by socking him in the chest. 
Here are two videos of Pastor Bentley explaining his healing methodology.

I'm rubbing my head right now, because at this point in my fake story I would insert some background information about what a saintly life this man of God has lived.
[Bentley] is a former Hells Angels member and drug addict, according to the National Post. At age 15, he was convicted of sexually assaulting a seven-year-old.
I imagine the 400,000 people who went to his revivals in 2008 either didn't know his history or believed the good reverend was spiritually healed by the blood of Jesus.
That's not the end of the scandals concerning Bentley. He is also divorced, which is all to common and not much to talk about. But let's delve into exactly why Todd got divorced. Here are two excerpts from a letter his church wrote concerning his infidelity.
“With the development of more friction in his marriage relationship, Todd began to make irrational decisions,” the letter states. “Alcohol, movies and leisure time spent with a few of the younger, more impressionable members of his staff and road-crew began to replace the hours of soaking in the presence of God in which Todd had engaged during the early days of the Outpouring.” 
... To our knowledge, Todd’s relationship with the female staff-member, who was a former intern and also, at his initiative, a live-in nanny in his house for over a year, is still ongoing.
Being a stand up guy that he is, the ex-nanny is now Mrs. Bentley II -- he made an honest woman out of her.

I really wish this was a hoax, but it isn't.
This is Purgatory.

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  1. Sigh....How many stories of this nature will need to find the light of day before Christians realize their shepherds are not only no better than the flocks they herd, but in many cases, are poor examples of humanity?

    I am not sure on British laws and if they have the right to ban him, however, I can't come up with one rational reason why someone would ever want to go near one of this guy's services.


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