Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chik-fil-A Memes

I hope you won't be disappointed. Yes, for better and for worse these are all Purgatory's originals.


  1. I just feel bad for homophobes who are vegan. It must be confusing for them.

    1. One of our vegetarian xtian city council members ate at a Chick-fil-a on appreciation day.

      "...Jacksonville City Councilman Don Redman, a vegetarian, was at the Tinseltown restaurant.

      “First time I’ll be eating chicken in 35 years,” said Redman, while staring at the contents on his tray as though he was afraid the chicken would leap up and bite him. “I hope I don’t get sick.”

      It took him about 45 minutes to finish. Redman said he’d go back to being a vegetarian afterward.

      He said he took part in the event because he felt the criticism of Chick-fil-A was wrong, and wanted to express that publicly...."


  2. Good stuff Andy...Palin never ceases to annoy me...Another good one could be something along the lines of: Top of pic: Chick-fil-A Bottom of pic: Straight Chicken


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