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Atheist Satire Part Whatever -- Richard Carrier Memes

I'm sure a majority of you are sick and tired of my satirizing the atheist infighting as of late. Yes, I am, too. I'd like to go back to the days when I can pick on the horrible doctrines of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism with abandon. Oh, for those halcyon days!

But today I'm drawn back in.

Before starting on today's wackiness,  here is a review of my work in this area.

NtB: Nil-thought Blogs

IT'S WAR! - Gangsters take sides in the battles for the atheist blogosphere

Atheist sects exposed!

and. of course,

Satirizing atheist conflict 


I was reading Steve's post at Left Hemispheres Random Quotes of Insufferable Divisive Rhetoric: Richard Carrier, and I thought to myself, Steve must be a bit off on this. I've read Richard Carrier's blog now every once in a while, and have quite enjoyed it. So I read the original post by Mr Carrier The New Atheism + as well as the comments.


Here are my take aways from the piece.

In case you were wondering,

this is Purgatory.


Oh, I read another comment on how he defends calling people (albeit people who do not have a disability) retards.

Another update

As many of you know I am quite active on Twitter. Not only do I tweet Purgatory posts, but I will riff on a variety of different topics. Of course, one of them has been Mr Carrier and the fact that no one on Freethought Blogs has actually said "Richard, using slurs is not OK."

Well, Daniel Fincke, the writer of Camels with Hammers, has spoken out about such behavior (without naming names) with the post No Hate. I suggest you all read it.

Here are a few excerpts.
 I disapprove of anyone using insults (including allegedly benign ones like “asshole”, “stupid”, or “douchebag”) or slurs against any one else (and I include words like “cunt” and “bitch” in that category)....
What I am against is hatefulness in all its forms. I think that interpersonal and inter-tribal abusiveness is fundamentally what is destroying the solidarity in our movement. Misogyny is a terrible species of this poison, but the the poison is deadly in all its forms. The only true, honest, and rationalistic solution is for there to be a unilateral ceasefire from abusiveness....

There are a lot of people who think that it’s okay to abuse other people as long as they are bad people. The astonishing and repulsive self-righteous and often self-serving judgmentalism of this irks me to no end....
...We can let our moral laziness lead us to haphazard moral judgments. Or worse, we can allow our malice, cruelty, vindictiveness, jealousy, bitterness, and self-righteousness to perpetually corrupt our moral judgment such that we only ever see ourselves and our cause and whatever pain we cause to others as just. We can alternate between heroizing and pitying ourselves and pitilessly demonizing those who are against us.
Oh, by the way, I've been checking FtB a lot waiting and hoping for someone to write a post like that.


I swear to my fictitious God that this is the last update.

Richard Carrier writes in The Art of the Insult & The Sin of the Slur
I am convinced now that “stupid” as an insult against a person is ableist, as is idiot, idiotic, moron, and moronic–and above all “retarded” (and not just the pejorative “retard”). And I will be endeavoring to avoid these words in future.

Good for him. It takes character to publicly say that one was wrong, and then strive not to repeat the original error.


  1. Oh Richy "The Baby Faced Killer" Carrier what have you done now. Andy, perhaps it is evolution in action. Free Thought v. Skepti in a survival of the fittest thingy. The one that wins gets to mate with the other new blog place is it called SkeptiFem and the 'memes' of the two go into the next generation of Nu, Plus One, New New, Nuevo, New Part Two, "Don't call it a come back" Atheists (Fuck I forgot the name of the ladies skeptic site, now my joke is dookie).


  2. I had not read your Atheist sects piece before. Good stuff.

  3. Will atheism evolve into over 30,000 different sects such as Christianity has? How many ways are there to believe in the non-existence of god(s)? Without religion we wouldn't have the word "atheism." See how myths and legends lead to violence through different interpretations! If there was a god he would have spoken to everyone in the same way and we would all have the same info. You religious types can figure out the rest of my meaning, I hope!

  4. I finally got a chance to read Mr. Carrier's post and all the comments. As the father of a child in the spectrum I found comment 92:3 interesting.
    Mr. Carrier?....meh, I think he may just be engaging in some sort of naDHa'ghach.

    1. My Klingon is a bit rusty, but after looking the term up I do agree with your assessment. I too found 92:3 interesting, because, as you probably already know, I had a speech impediment as a child where I was sent to a special school for kindergarten -- yes, on the special bus. During elementary school I attended special classes for speech. My son has had issues writing properly (due to the same condition I have) and has had to take special classes in school to fix the problem. I have worked with people for 17 years who have some sort of disability.

      I do not believe Mr Carrier has had the pleasure of being called retarded.

      I have a funny story that illustrates how I approach problems like this. I was at a party as an undergraduate when a friend's sister uttered "Everyone who is adopted is fucked up." I stated clearly, "I am adopted." She apologized meekly. Problem solved.

      Mr Carrier's behavior needs to be confronted. To my knowledge no one at Freethought Blogs is publicly speaking out against his using the slur retarded.

    2. "To my knowledge no one at Freethought Blogs is publicly speaking out against his using the slur retarded."

      - See the update to this post.

    3. I saw that. Thanks for the link. I also saw Mr.Carrier's newest piece.

  5. It's time for No Thought, oops, Freethought Blogs to fade out, let them have their own little clique, they'll just isolate everyone else, and without anyone to push around or name call after a while, they'll turn on each other. Just wait and see...


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