Saturday, July 7, 2012

NtB: Nil-thought Blogs

NtB: Nil-thought blogs

Mission Statement

Nil-thought Blogs will provide the best material of the atheist blogosphere for our readers. NtB's vision is to be the hub of online secular discourse, to inspire a love a science as well as a respect for logical thinking, and provide a forum where godless activists can honestly explore issues facing atheists. Our goal is not simply to inform, but to also provide a welcoming community for all of our readers.

Guiding Principles

Though all bloggers at NtB are of the highest quality, there will be times that a writer may: 1) Get an original thought that is "too" original; 2) Color outside the lines of the NtB approved coloring book; 3) Not properly read the minds of the NtB management team. In such cases the NtB management team will enforce discipline by sending minions over to the offending blog and drop cluster bombs of ad hominem attacks, faux rage, slippery slope arguments, etc. During this assault the NtB mismanagement team will personally shame such bloggers, not out of some puerile/sociopathic impulse, but rather for the offender's own good. 

Any reason is a good reason (at least as determined by the NtB management team) to have a webcam summit where the opinions of the NtB mismanagement team may be recited by its bloggers/mouthpieces. Observers will have the opportunity to see how many ways the official party line can be restated, and  commenters will gain valuable insight to which blogger will be the next one kicked off NtB.

Drama, Drama, Drama
This principle is so important to NtB that it needed repeating. Simply expressing ideas and enganging in rational discourse is an anathema . Realizing this, NtB is taking the best aspects of Jersey Shore, FOX News, and Mob Wives to make minor personality conflicts between bloggers into full blown conflicts. 

The NtB management team wants to remind everyone that whatever negative events happen on NtB it isn't the fault of the NtB management team. However, anything positive will be attributed by the forward thinking, enlightened policies of the people heading NtB.


  1. This is great, but I think I heard of a similar omni-blog organisation that doesn't have a mission statement or guiding principles, that likes to berate other organisations for not having mission statements or guiding principles, and - despite my indifference to a number of their bloggers - they seem to be doing very well.

    Regardless, sign me up. I like nothing more than to allude to one thing and actually do the complete opposite.

    This is a Christian nil-thought blog, isn't it?

    1. Tris, aren't all Christian blogs nil-thought in nature?

  2. apparently drama is the fuel that makes this world go round and round. I don't know what's going on, but I sorta feel that i should-my bad. What I do know my iz da funzizies.


    ps you, me, lady atheist and left hemispheres should start our own socialist commie free thot blog and when people fuck withy us, I'll just walk over "there" and take care of 'it.' Awesome buddy....

    ..and @vjack if he's not tto big already...and @mojoey...and....

  3. I did a LOL. Careful, though - writing subversive things like this suggest that you're unsound, and not fully committed to The Cause.

    1. There is a thin line from being committed and getting committed.

  4. This is great! As of late I've come to the conclusion that FtB stands for Fairly Trite Blogs...

  5. Love it! Where do I sign up?

  6. It's fairly simply to join as long as you don't mind taking the NtB loyalty oath.

  7. @Andy & Kriss-Onward "Rationalist" Soldiers!


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