Friday, June 1, 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson's Musical Ambition

Neil deGrasse Tyson takes this astrophysics and his rhythms seriously.

Neil deGrasse Tyson's first album is officially dropping today. Named Hayden's House, after the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History, the album is a blistering nexus point of old-school rhythms and hardcore science .

His career has spanned from the humble beginnings at Bronx High School of Science to earning a BS in physics at Harvard and eventually attaining a PhD at Columbia in astrophysics. Neil T, as the recording label Big Bang refers to him by, feels that this album is a natural progression of his scientific career. "I've been popularizing science to the American public for years, and this album is going to send a message to younger people who may not be aware how science influences their everyday lives."

Neil T reached out to the musical community in order to help out on the album and the musical community responded enthusiastically. Pitbull collaborated in the song Galactic Bulge which refers to Neil T's research area while attending Columbia as well as Pitbull's pants-related issues. Train stopped by to help out on the track Drive By which is about the Doppler effect.

Neil T had complete creative control over Hayden's House. "I refused to bow down to pressure from the execs at Big Bang  who wanted me to do a song with the recorded voice of the late great Carl Sagan called Billyuns and Billyuns -- that would have been tacky. I don't do tacky."

There is some controversy about the timing of Neil T's release. GZA, of the Wu-Tang Clan, is releasing  his science-centered album Dark Matter this fall. After some heated words between the recording execs, the two artists officially made peace between the camps by sitting down with each other and watching the movie Contact. Any bad blood was washed away by the beers consumed at the  meeting.


  1. Well, the movie "Contact" is no doubt an effective conflict resolution strategy. It's been discovered to elicit gentle sobbing from several prominent world leaders, who wish to remain anonymous.

  2. "Galactic Bulge"....priceless! Well done Andy. As usual, this made me chuckle. We need that in our lives and in the "atheist blogosphere".


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