Monday, June 25, 2012

An Atheist Meetup With SPAM Lite

It won't feed the 10,000, but it's a start.

I live in the suburbs, and that usually means driving to Boston to get any face-to-face interaction with others of Godless Nation. While communicating with atheists online is fantastic, there is something special with sitting down and sharing a few hours with people who I am not going to have to defend my passion for rationality. That is what I did last night when our local atheist meetup group met. (The only reason why I'm the organizer of said group is that, well, no one else had started one in my area.)

The meeting itself went well. This is only our third event, and we had seven people attending. Seven is a good amount for us, and that may be a surprise for those of you who live in cities or university towns. Life here in the suburbs is different. Although I live in Massachusetts this particular area votes red. Whitman, the town where I am in, is traditionally New Englandy in the fact that we have several churches dotting the town center. The attendance for their strange cannibalistic rituals seems to be quite high -- especially for the services provided by the worldwide criminal organization known as the Catholic church. Being an out of the closet atheist here means being a member of the municipality's strange folk club: the woman who lets her Rottweiler off the leash, the guy who is at the pub at 11AM clamouring for a pint and me.

I don't like the term ritual so I'll say one of the habits that our group is working on is for members to bring some sort of donation for the Brockton food pantry. Brockton is the nearest city, and it never successfully made the transition out of the industrial age. Their need for assistance is great. After dropping my kids off at summer camp tomorrow I'll drop off our small treasure trove of canned goods and pasta. A flier will be placed with our donation to alert the workers that we supplied it. Perhaps the flier will also serve to alert them that the Brockton Area Atheists (BAA?) are not only interested with discussing Richard Dawkins deep into the night.

We also want to share our love for low fat SPAM.



  1. I think your "habit" is a laudable one. And even if you hadn't mentioned where you are I would have gathered your general location from the picture--more specifically the Prince pasta in the picture.

  2. Very cool Andy. I think it is great that you and your group are doing something positive in your community, particularly Brockton which desperately needs it (I grew up north of Boston so am familiar with the area). It is great for others to see that we are not the evil monsters that the religious make us out to be.


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