Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Atheist Fun Video And Strangely Enough A Chicken Update

Yesterday I waited for hours and hours for our chicken coop kit to arrive (unsurprisingly the delivery was late). What, you  didn't know we're raising chickens? Well, we are. The above pic is from when first got the chicks two weeks ago. They are considerably bigger now.

Current size of our chickens.

Anyway, I was playing around with video editing software and made the above vid and placed it on Purgatory's Youtube channel. I have the other videos there, too like Atheist Jokes, Are You Addicted to God? etc.

Oh, in other chicken related news this  is what the coop will eventually look like when assembled --

It will hold six chickens even though we only have five right now.


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  1. I can feel how excited you are. I, too recently looked from the web for an egg incubator for sale. Luckily for me, the delivery was earlier than usual. I have to admit, that chicken coop looks great!


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