Saturday, June 30, 2012

Atheist Fatigue Syndrome

This young atheist has got it bad.

Do you have Atheist Fatigue Syndrome (AFS)? Many of the godless do and don't realize it. Early stages of AFS are difficult to detect. The disease progresses slowly while gradually breaking down the immune response against the absurdities of religion. However, there is no doubt that the syndrome eventually turns an otherwise happy, productive atheist into something unrecognizable.  Recently the so-called prominent atheist blogger Leah Libresco succumbed to the late stages of AFS to become part of the worldwide criminal enterprise known as the Catholic Church.

What you should be asking yourself right now is Do I have AFS? And if I'm not asking does that mean I already have it? And if I don't care about whether or not I have AFS maybe it's too late. Perhaps I should just get me to a nunnery or monastary to live out the rest of my life as a slave to Yahweh?

Understandable sentiments, to be sure. But calm down.
Being calm is essential when initially confronted with the possibility of being infected with AFS. Fear is the primary weapon of theists and much like what Yoda said, "Fear is the path to the darks side." What is needed is a dose of reason in the form of a symptom checklist for the dreaded condition.

When your religious friend says something absolutely insane regarding the inerrancy of the Bible or how the Almighty is the paragon of virtue, you say nothing.

This is an all too common symptom of early stage of AFS. Assertions such as the two above are easily debunked -- they are the slow-pitch softballs placed in the strike zone of any atheist batter. However, instead of stating how different books of the Bible say contradictory things about the birth, life and death of Jesus or that the god of the Old Testament is a textbook example of sociopathy, the atheist shrugs his or her shoulders and says nothing. The sick individual represses the axiom of Silence means consent which provides AFS a greater foothold in the godless rational defenses. Even though no atheist can respond  to every misguided utterance of theists, one needs to be aware of a pattern emerging. Take note of the times when you choose to speak up and when you do not. Look at the numbers and then take a good look in the mirror.

You say "under God" during the Pledge of Allegiance or join in singing "God Bless America".

Atheists who are in school deal with this issue daily. While their peers drone on about how we are a nation under God they choose to stay silent in protest. As AFS affects them, they eventually decided to utter the words. At a sporting event the music may start and the crowd cries out the lyrics to God Bless America. Instead of taking the time to more productive activities (like get beer) the atheist mouths the words.

You are going to Unitarian church services. 

Those atheists afflicted with mid-stage AFS commonly find themselves in the pew of their local Unitarian Universalist church. While there the disease has the opportunity of attacking the defense systems of any rational person in earnest. The atheist will be assaulted with insidious ideas that religion is OK -- that the beneficial aspects of faith far outweigh the negatives, that superstition should be given respect regardless of what nonsensical ramblings the holy books say and, of course, the art of cherry picking verses from those holy books.

You are bringing your children to church services.

Even though the atheist may not be going to church, another mid-stage symptom is shipping one's own children to services. Teaching right and wrong to children can seem to be a daunting task. A parent needs not only to think about morality but actually have real conversations with the kids. It's far easier to balk at the challenge and ship the wee ones to off to be brainwashed. Who cares? Won't it all work out in the end?

Even though AFS is dangerous there are proven ways to fight it off.
  • Join an atheist/secular meetup group. If there isn't one close by then start one.
  • Be part of the atheist online community.
  • Stay aware of the atrocities that religion are responsible for.
  • Read the atheist classics: The God Delusion, Why I am not a Christian, God is not Great, etc.
Together we can fight against the pernicious effects of Atheist Fatigue Syndrome.



  1. Dam, the other day I forgot the correct answer (brain farted) when my xtian friend said, "so youbelieve that we came from monkeys." I said nothing, crickets...but I was also drinking hella beer...hella.

    Religion News Service has a podcast interview with her. Pretty goo, but still didn't anwer the "hows" and "whys" very well.


  2. Nice. I think I was starting to feel the onset of some general atheist blog fatigue...nothing that would have me knocking on a church door, but a general blah. Apparently the cure is simple...follow some links and read a different atheist blog once in a while!

    1. I hope you return to Purgatory. I try to keep things... different.

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