Friday, May 25, 2012

Religion And Science Memes


Thanks Wikipedia for the lion and wolf images.


  1. That about sums it up.... although I like to think that science is the one doing the just feels better in my brain that way.

    1. Steve from Left Hemispheres mentioned the same thing on Fb. I always thought of science as being the aggrieved party in that dyad.

  2. There's zero conflict between the biblical explanation and the academic consensus if you're still living in the year of our lord 1650.

    Don't worry, it takes just a few generations for religious leaders to catch up to the science of today. But in the near future, with the increasing rate of progress, god's spokemen will several orders of magnitude further behind than they were circa 2012.

    And be all the more divisive and hilarious. Hang on, it'll be a bumpy ride.

  3. Actually, wolves are vital to trees as ungulate populations would kill them off by eating off all of their bark that they can reach. Wolves keep them moving so that they do not overgraze in one area. And lions and buffalo can live together and do. Lions don't kill unless they have to eat then.

  4. Do you mean that religion is vital to the survival of science? Because wolves keep ungulate (deer, Elk, Moose, ect.) populations moving, thereby stopping the overgrazing and eating of the bark that kills the trees. And because wolves don't decimate those populations, while still eating them, contrary to what some think, they keep them under control by stopping them from overpopulating as well. This was demonstrated when Yellowstone National Park eradicated wolves and the ungulate population, as a result exploded to 5x what they were beforehand. Most of the flora, and therefor most of the other species of fauna died out or dwindled. Natural disasters even occurred.

    Lions, I would also like to point out, can, and do, live with buffalo on a daily basis. Lions only kill to eat when they are hungry. Go figure.

    Maybe instead of bitching about religion, you could look at science, and try to coexist. :)


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