Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Danish Intelligence Uncovers Worldwide Faith-Based Plots

A secular country has discovered an
insidious religous scheme.

A string of worldwide terrorist plots have recently been uncovered by the Danish Defence Intelligence Services (DDIS) otherwise known as Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (FE).  The DDIS Intelligence Risk Assessment 2011 was leaked to the general public, and revealed that not only are there a multitude of ongoing plots to destabilize the world, but these schemes have been going on for centuries.
The current situation in the Middle East is one of great instability. The Arab Spring, which had begun as a secular movement has now been co-opted by religious elements. These faith-based groups have one goal and one goal only: to cause the deterioration in the quality of life within their own societies.
The DDIS has uncovered secret communications between the Islamists of different countries. These communications illustrate a bold plan to orchestrate the degrading of the quality of life for their respective populations. Farms, schools, hospitals and other such non-religious institutions are to be made inoperable. Human suffering is to increase several fold.

Another shocking fact that has come to the surface is that the Islamists have found common cause with other far-right groups of other religions.
The threat posed by the Islamists is growing, but their alliance with the Catholic Church and evangelical Christian groups in America pose a clear and present danger to the West. The Catholic Church continues to degrade the quality of life for women and homosexuals all the while declaring that the Church is the true victim. Coupled with the evangelical churches support of severe income inequality, lack of affordable health care for the general populace and untenable economic policies America may soon become a cripple amongst nations --  and that is the goal.
Later, the report discusses the reasons why religious groups are striving to turn their countries into disaster areas.
Religion strives under adverse societal conditions. When a society is healthy, the population stops being religious. Mosques, temples and churches are vacated when times are good. As stated in The Chronic Dependence of Popular Religiosity upon Dysfunctional Psychosociological Conditions: ...popular religion is usually a superficial and flexible psychological mechanism for coping with the highlevels of stress and anxiety produced by sufficiently dysfunctional social and especially economic environments. Popular nontheism is a similarly casual response to superior conditions.
The DDIS report went into further detail explaining that this is not the first time that the religious of different faiths have joined forces to make lives miserable in their own people in order to gain greater control.
The Islamic conquest of Africa and parts of Europe, along with the Crusades kept both religions in power of their respective populations. While sermons were given regarding the innate evil of the heretic or infidel what the real message given was that the adherent must obey their faith-based rulers (original emphasis).
While the report does not state what must be done to fight against these groups, any reasonable person comes to one conclusion: Religion is the natural ally of socio-economic decay. To prevent barbarism from engulfing the planet governments need to create and maintain a social safety net.


* Thanks to Jerry Coyne for the inspiration for this example of  Poe's Law.


  1. Is this for real?

    1. Well, the study that shows the relationship between healthy societies and secularism is real. However, did the Danish intelligence service discover a centuries old cabal to disrupt civilization? No.

    2. I was looking for a link. Conscious or unconscious behavior, it's hard to tell the difference.

  2. Just because they haven't discovered it doesn't mean it isn't there....How's that for a conspiracy theory?

    1. Well it hasn't been disproved so it must be true!


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