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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Muslims Who Become Atheists

I was exploring WikiIslam earlier today and discovered the People Who Left Islam section. You can find many, many testimonials of people who once believed in Islam but now do not. Unsurprisingly the testimonials illustrate common feelings and experiences that Christians feel when discovering their faith is a sham. Not every writer decides to become an atheist -- some become Christian, others Hindu. For this post I wanted to share parts of the testimonials from those who became atheists.
...I opened my mind and started thinking. I read the Qur'an, Bible, Torah, learn about Buddhism, Hinduism etc. and even the religion of tribes. I also went to churches and temples with my non-Muslim friends to further understand their religion. Even so, I did all this with the thought of strengthening my religion and always compared the other religion to Islam. However, after a while, the idea of religion itself became more and more ridiculous. I had more questions than when I had started. I've been so caught up with knowing which god is the true God, that I failed to ask myself, is there even a god to begin with?
...What made me even more secretive about my atheism is when my parents got into my laptop and found that I had been surfing through a lot of atheist website. I got a hell of a scolding. My mom cried and my dad told me I wasn't his son any more. In the end I had no choice but to lie to them and convince them that I was only curious and still love Islam. I had to recite the shahadah and my dad made me recite verses from the Qur'an.
I still live in the closet, telling no one that I'm an atheist as I would probably receive backlash from the Muslim community here. Whenever I pray together with my family, I feel like a hypocrite. It is hard sometimes and I do get the fear of hell but I have to live with it. I just hope that time will make it better. I get support and encouragement from on-line forum and on-line groups as it is very hard to find ex-Muslims in Singapore and I don't think there any groups like this is Singapore. I'm sure there are others who are experiencing similar problems to me.   Minar from Singapore
... I would be up all night researching the hadiths and Qur'an to help ease some doubts and problems that crept up in my mind. Eventually I stumbled upon a hadith where the Prophet said that women are "deficient in intelligence and religion", and justified their inferior position in society. Further research into it, and I had serious doubts of my religion. Eventually I decided that the best way to gauge the accuracy of the Qur'an is to analyze its so-called "scientific miracles". Over and over again, I came across clear-cut examples of scientific inaccuracies, such as believing that the earth is flat, misconceptions about human reproduction, and the silly creation myths. Eventually, I realized that Islam (and Christianity, Judaism, and all other modern religions) are no more true than the religion of the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and other religions. I consider myself an intellectual, and I hope to be a scientist when I grow up. Religion could just not stand up to scientific scrutiny, and along with the appalling backwardness of the Muslim countries of today, which the people believe is what Allah wants, caused me to stop believing.
But I can't let anyone know. I am sick and tired of having to check for halal and haram foods, of having to say no to girls, and all the other stuff which Islam puts on me. But I have to do it anyway. My parents and family would literally disown me if they found out about my apostasy, and I would be harshly ostracized by my community if I started doing or saying things against Islam. Shurayh, originally from Pakistan, now in Canada 
...Before that I had found many contradictions in the Quran, but I was blind and decided not to think about it. Then I met a Dutch woman and it was love at first sight. She was a feminist and strangely enough I agreed to tolerate it. But I loved her intelligence and her self-esteem. I didn't want to have four wives because I love only one woman. Soon I became a feminist myself! But I didn't leave Islam because my parents told that Islam was a pro-feminist religion (rubbish). Then my wife got pregnant. My father told me that I had to forbid her from working. But how could I? She's an independent human being. She didn't want to stop her career. Father said I was the head of the family and I could demand whatever I wanted from her. I said we were equal. He named me a fool. But I didn't leave Islam.
Then my baby girl was born. My father said I didn't have to speak to my wife for some weeks. I was astonished. I looked at my baby girl and promised she would never suffer like other Muslimahs. She will be independent and self-sufficient like her mother. I left Islam the day my daughter was born. Soon afterward, Holland was astounded to hear the latest news. The murder of Theo Van Gogh was the last straw. I knew something like that was going to happen. If you knew what Imams are preaching in mosques across Holland, you would understand that there is nothing strange with killing of this poor director. A.H.K. originally from Morocco, now in Holland

Here is a video about prominent ex-Muslims.



  1. There's nothing more encouraging than stories like these. Among the religions, Islam still seems to be the toughest nut to crack, but as Muslims become more educated and more broadly knowledgeable about the world, they come to see sense just as everyone else does.

  2. "I opened my mind and started thinking." That about sums it up, doesn't it?

    1. Thinking sceptically is always going to cause problems with those beliefs that are faith-based.

  3. It is great to see stories like this. As hard as it for some Christians to "come out" here in the U.S. that is a cakewalk compared to what can happen in some Islamic cultures.

    I agree with both of the previous comments as well. I agree with Infidel753 and think that as Muslims, and all people for that matter, become more educated that religion will become less powerful. I also think that Laurie sums things up wonderfully...

  4. I wonder if, in a generation or two, Islam will simply collapse. All it takes is the closet Muslims imparting unbelief to their children and refusing to participate in ostracising anybody who comes out. I can understand they have to live a lie - to pretend to be a Muslim to avoid ostracism - but eventually the need for this will diminish.

  5. What a bunch of fucked up atheists! You will burn in hell...only if God had made be the angel who roasted you!!!

    1. Which hell, Zeeshan? Christian hell if you deny that Jesus is God? The purifying fires of Zoroastrian hell? Buddhist hell? Or Muslim hell for denying Muhammad and worshipping other than Allah. Aren't you afraid you might end up in hell if any of these is right? Oh ... right ... only YOU know the TRUTH...

    2. Zeeshan you are the fucked up one. Too scared of hell because you are guilty and you are fuckin dumb because there is no such thing as hell only a stupid weakminded person would believe this violent religion

    3. Ex Muslims be strong stand up for yourselves. Islam is shit and violent. That's why there are so many contradictions

    4. Hi Zeesham, I really appreciate your feeling, but you need to understand that God guides who so He wishes and those who are ready to understand. Ignorance and extreme love of this world lead many people away from the appropriate path. If you are lucky to keep firm to your faith than God and keep on. You need to learn more about your religion and other religions you also need to know scientific facts with an understand of how fictions make science and facts make fictions.

    5. Zeeshan Parvez is your screen name. I'll bet your one of those priests who rape children. Handing out condoms to the kids in the choir doesn't make it right.

  6. Zeeshan your an idiot ur relgion is man made.minars story is so much like mine execpt i told my parents instead.

  7. hi everyone,

    I know most of you are atheist or in the way for. I am a muslim, I lived in many countries in europe.... I've been asking many questions about islam, religion in general and the mankind. believe me or not. I found on islam the real truth, the respect and the fraternity. the medias are changing our minds about islam and muslims them selves they dont know how to practice it because they are mixing between relation and culture...

    Hope you will find your way and my God bless you

  8. I'm another muslim who has lost faith in god because of .... a lot of reasons (see below for one my favorite quran contradictions).

    Like others, I have decided to stay anonymous within my family and friends, they are my only support network and would not want to loose them by coming out of the closet.

    One quick example I generally recall quickly is Chapter 4: verse 78 and 79 from quran.
    Verse 78 ends with "so what is wrong with these people that they fail to understand any word?" and my first question is, is god asking a question here to which he doesn't have an answer to? The almighty god cannot understand his creation?
    Also if you read 78 and then 79 you will know 79 contradicts 78 on where all things (good and bad) come from.

    I know a true/biased believer would not interpret it literally but stick to an interpretation that would preserve his/her faith.

    1. The bible is full of contradictions as well. When I started to hear all the religions stating that theirs is the correct one and if you didn't believe then hell is where you would end up well that is when I decided to leave.

      Their are so many people who claim to be religious then act like criminals. I finally realized that the bible was just a book written by man with a wild imagination.

      I live in Canada and have a good friend who is Muslim who does not practice any longer. He said he just can't believe the Qur'an or at least large parts of it. He still volunteers once and awhile to work on the Mosque but when his parents pass away he will no longer be part of the

      I give you credit for leaving as it appears you have a lot more issues to deal with than I do. How ever I don't tell many people I am and Atheist as it is frowned upon where I live but you won't suffer any physical harm but it could cause issues at work.

  9. The common majority Malays may be ignorant and denies that some Malays are not Muslims. The government is secretive about its harsh ways in persecuting Malays who have converted out of Islam. It is a crime in almost all states punishable by prison sentences for apostates. May suffer physical and mental torture for their new faith. Christian Malays are the most persecuted lot.

  10. I'm also a Singaporean closet ex-Muslim. Too many contradictions... I've lost a few friends when I told them. I'm happier now but I think there should be more openness to this so that we can come out in the open and be liberal about this and life.

  11. Somewhere there must exist a Humanist affirmation of love without religion as an excuse or catalyst.
    It would seem through logical reasoning that inclusion will be more successful through understanding and
    compassion rather than through the exclusiveness of religions and superstitious hysteria. We must evolve and mature emotionally if we are to survive and progress as a species. We must care for each other through motivation without humiliation or guilt, reward and punishment. We all must grow and mature in order to evolve. If we prepare a place for a more losers than winners, than that is surely what we will reap. We need to stop this insanity.


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