Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's Easter! A Classic Time For Christians To Attack Jews

Say you're a Christian living in Russia in the late 19th or early 20th century. It's Easter and you've just stepped out of church. What's next on the agenda?

Attacking Jews may be on the menu.

Here is an excerpt from the 1908 book Readings of Modern European History by James Harvey Robinson, Professor of History at Columbia University, and Charles A. Beard, Adjunct Professor of Politics at Columbia.

And what follows is a proclamation to massacre Jews.

Our great festival of the Resurrection of Christ draws near. It is many years since, put to death by the Jews, Our Lord expiated by his blood our sins and those of all the world, pouring out in his mercy his holy blood for the salvation of all the nations of the earth, of us Christians as well as the adherents of other religions.

But the vile Jews are not content with having shed the blood of our Savior, whom they crucified, and who suffered for them. Every year they shed the innocent blood of Christians. They shed it and use it in their religious rites.

You have doubtless been told that at Dubossari they crucified a Christian youth, whose blood they offered in sacrifice.

The story is quite correct. The authorities know it too, though they do not breathe a word in order not to excite our anger against these miserable, bloodthirsty men who should have been driven out of our country long ago. A similar case has just occurred at Kief, where they bled to death an innocent child and afterwards threw its body into the street.

At the present moment, whilst we are preparing to celebrate the Passion of our Lord, they are drinking Christian blood among themselves. Brothers, We are overcome with horror when we think of the number of Christian souls lost through them for many years.

They aspire to seize our beloved Russia. They issue proclamations in order to incite the people against the authorities, even against our Little Father, the Tsar, who knows them for a cowardly, vile, rapacious people, and will not give them liberty. They try, therefore, to provoke disturbances by which they hope to obtain more liberties for themselves. Now, if liberty is granted to the Jew, he will speedily become master of Holy Russia, lay his greedy hands on everything, and there will no longer be a Russia, but only a Jewry left.

Brothers, in the name of our Savior who gave his blood for us, in the name of our very pious Little Father, the Tsar, who watches over the wants of his people, and alleviates their lot by generous manifestoes, let us join on Easter Day in the cry, "Down with the Jews ! " Let us massacre these sanguinary monsters who slake their thirst with Russian blood !

Act in such a manner that they will remember the pogrom [i.e. massacre] of Odessa, where the troops themselves assisted the people. This time they will again aid us, inspired as they are, like ourselves, with the love of Christ.

Brothers, lend us your aid. Let us massacre these vile Jews. We are already numerous.


P. S. Make your visitors read this, or else your establishment will be sacked. We shall be kept informed of this by those of us who go amongst you.

In case you hear a Christian say that Islam is barbaric this Easter you can point out this example of Christian love.

This is Purgatory.


  1. I think you said it best..."This is Purgatory"--the hypocrisy of religion knows no limit. It is amazing how they can so easily forget their history. Just this weekend the Pope has said outrageous things like submission to god is true "freedom" that belief in god is the true "englightment"...that Christianity promotes peace...really? Is he at all familiar with the history of his Church? It really is maddening...

  2. Strictly speaking, most of these pogroms during the Easter season occurred on Good Friday. But no matter; thanks, Andrew, for publicizing this sordid piece of history that many (most?)Christians don't know or don't want to know.


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