Thursday, April 5, 2012

Islam In Egypt - Worst Case Scenario?

Let's talk about Islam in Egypt.

Better yet let's have *Sunni scholar Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi talk about it.

Oh, Andy, you may say this sheik is just one lunatic spouting off absurdities and is not representative of political life in Egypt.

Wrong. The group that is about to write Egypt's new constitution is full of Bronze Age chuckle heads.
Post-revolutionary rules gave Egypt’s parliament the task of forming a 100-person constituent assembly, which it did last week. Instead of consulting widely with other parties, as they had promised, the Islamist groups who now hold two-thirds of parliamentary seats packed the assembly with their own fellow travellers. Critics responded furiously, saying the new body includes few women, non-Muslims or minorities such as Nubians from the south or desert Bedouin. Puzzlingly, it also excludes Egypt’s most prominent legal minds and constitutional scholars. -
Put faith in writing - Islamists tackle constitutional matters differently in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria The Economist
What I love is that last line Puzzlingly, it also excludes Egypt’s most prominent legal minds and constitutional scholars. Puzzlingly? How difficult is it to write a constitution based on Allah's laws? All those legal minds with their prominent legal thoughts will just get in the way of legalizing the cutting off of hands.

This is Purgatory,

but at least it isn't Egypt.

* I found this video on the Advice Goddess Blog


  1. Not that I am super-intelligent or anything, but I always felt that this kind of thing could be the result of the Arab Spring. I was never as optimistic as much of the press. It really is a sad day for the people of Egypt.

  2. "wives for all the bachelors" WTF?

    1. I know, it's 360 degrees of crazy. How are they going to distibute the women? Lottery?

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