Monday, April 2, 2012

Five Reasons Why I'm Happy To Be An Atheist On Vacation

I'm in Florida right now with the family, and I thought I'd share some of my reflections on how awesome it is to be one of the godless while engaging in some rest and relaxation.

5. I don't have to waste my time going to church while on vacation.

This is obvious. How many of us who were raised in faith got dragged to some strange church while on vacation by our parents? My parents dragged me down to Florida (ironic since that's where I am now) quite a few times back in the day, and we attended Southern Baptist services. Having been raised in Massachusetts I couldn't help but think that going to a church that supported slavery was tantamount to treason. (Much like going to a Lutheran church would make any informed person feel like they're supporting the Third Reich.)
4. I don't have to try to tell my kids that Jesus is more awesome than science.

We were at the Kennedy Space Center and saw this re-entry capsule from Apollo 14. This man made wonder was shot out into space, and brought back astronauts who had walked on the moon. Pretty amazing stuff, I'd say. At no point did I need to say anything like, "You know, my children, the knowledge to send human beings out into and walk on the Moon is nothing compared to the wonders of LBJ (Little Baby Jesus)."

3. I'm not pointing out that a spacesuit won't save them from the Tribulation.

Above is one of the designs for a spacesuit that was on display. This suit is my favorite because it reminds me of the Cybermen from Dr Who. But if I were a Christian maybe I'd feel the need to point out that even if you were floating in space or in the TARDIS God's love would still make your life miserable during the Tribulation.

2. The world is a pretty amazing place, and not some parking lot you're stuck in. Enjoy it.

Here is my boy, Will, checking out the
 wonders around the Kennedy Space Center.
Christians typically look at the real world as some shadow of heaven -- a place of darkness and sin. Those of us not stuck in that myth know that our universe is a place of wonder. Being on vacation is a chance to explore, ask questions, and maybe even get some answers.

1. I Get Some Validation That I'm Doing Something Right As A Parent

Will bought a reprocuction of a NASA flight suit from the gift shop with his own money (I just wanted to point out that he used his own cash because of the outrageous price. I'm far to cheap to shell out that kind of cash for something like that.) He loved that thing so much that he put it on immediately when we arrived back at the hotel and went to sleep in it. In comparison, he bought Mickey Mouse ears last night and the novelty has already worn off.



  1. Go to Dixie Crossroads in Titusville Andy. Broiled rock shrimp in the half shell. OH MY!

  2. I get annoyed when we travel with other people who insist on not making plans for Sunday morning because they want to go to Church. My wife and I always go with the "You can meet us for brunch after", but it annoys me.

    It annoys me less than when we have house guests (often family) who want to go to Church when they come to visit us. Usually what annoys me in this case is the repeated question of "Are you sure you don't want to come?"---What part of atheist or what parts of the numerous conversations we have had do you not understand? ughh

  3. Oh "A" wish you were myyyyyy dad...except us being the (aprox) the same age and all. you forgot one bro, don't halfta go to work. I hope you, Misses Andy and your 15 kids enjoy yer-selves.


    1. Thanks, Kriss. The kids had a great time in Florida, and the Wife and I had fun, too.


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