Monday, April 23, 2012

Comparing Pope Benedict XVI With Joseph Stalin

I had posted on Facebook an article from Atheist Revolution As Catholic Child Rape Details Emerge in Court, What Are Catholics Waiting For? , and I got a comment from one of my friends who did the "Oh yeah, well the USSR was run by atheists" line. I reflected on that pearl of wisdom and decided to do this post.


This is Purgatory.


  1. Funny bit at the end. I did not see that coming. The idea that Stalin acted the way he did because he was an atheist is a silly one. In fact, one could argue that the transgressions of the USSR were allowed to occur because the State functioned as a sort of secular religion--the irrational belief in any philosophy usually leads to bad things...

  2. Is it better to be put to death by a Holy man or an Atherist for not agree with them ? reather its religion or a political sysment , both kinds think there have all the answers .Ruler have alway used a sysment of thought to keep there people in line and death if the person did not agree with the king ,ruler or pope,

  3. Nice punchline. It's curious and depressing that for all the talk of the benefits of religion, when believers feel under attack they quickly resort to the tu quoque and bizarre denunciations of bad things which are/were allegedly done in the name of atheism.

    "We might be nasty, but so are they" isn't exactly a great rallying cry.

  4. Stalin sent many millions of people to their deaths.

    End of stupid comparison.

    1. Joseph Stalin: ran an organization that killed millions of people.
      Pope : runs an organization that killed millions of people.


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