Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two Short Videos Of Reason Rally Protesters

OK, there were a few protesters on the periphery at the Reason Rally and they were politely (from what I saw) discussing their imaginary friend.

Well, this first chap wasn't really discussing, just doing a lot of shouting. And I don't want to be accused of launching an ad hominem attack, but the guy was wearing what appeared to be a fanny pack. A man wearing a fanny pack automatically places himself under the umbrella of suspicion, to say the least. The ghost of Bertrand Russell could appear to me right now and drop some logic down, but if that ghost had a spectral fanny pack on I'd politely ask him to go back to the other world.


This second video is a bit more interesting. When I walked into this group this Christian wearing the silly hat was arguing with a guy who believed in God but didn't believe in organized religion. I find these situations amusing, because it''s like listening to very young children having parallel conversations with each other. The topic being covered is Why does God hate the gays? There is a pie mentioned along with some ants who may or may not be gay.


You may think silly-hat-guy is making a fairly simplistic argument that to God we are all ants and that He can do to us whatever He wants to.

However, here is an argument from the renowned Christian apologist William Lane Craig on how God justifies killing people.

I think that a good start at this problem is to enunciate our ethical theory that underlies our moral judgements. According to the version of divine command ethics which I’ve defended, our moral duties are constituted by the commands of a holy and loving God. Since God doesn’t issue commands to Himself, He has no moral duties to fulfill. (emphasis mine) He is certainly not subject to the same moral obligations and prohibitions that we are. For example, I have no right to take an innocent life. For me to do so would be murder. But God has no such prohibition. He can give and take life as He chooses. We all recognize this when we accuse some authority who presumes to take life as “playing God.” Human authorities arrogate to themselves rights which belong only to God. God is under no obligation whatsoever to extend my life for another second. If He wanted to strike me dead right now, that’s His prerogative (emphasis mine).
This is Purgatory.


  1. They don't call it the Bible for nothing. Because, Christians, 'Buy the Bull.' Almost 2000 years of bullshit will give you one hell of a stinky life and people can smell you coming from a mile away.

    1. Not to mention lost in translation..the King james was translated in (I think) 1645 and has been translated so many times it's like 10 different books, translating Hebrew is subjective. 20 scholars will give 20 translations. Revelations is so bizarre a fiction writer could not make that up, unless maybe he was on LSD

    2. Also I have been to detox and re-hab, I got addicted to Oxycodone after a surgery and went doctor shopping and decided to knock it off before I
      1) was still alive, the stuff is easy to get if you have money to pay cash everywhere, I had plenty from my injury settlement. SoI know what goes on in there, and lots of guys "Find Jesus" and others simply say "Higher Power" and if it helps them get off the dope, I for one see no harm in the delusion. I just hope when the get sober the friends I made there don't turn Evangelistic and please leave me alone and do not pray for me!

  2. For some reason, your second video wouldn't come up. Maybe it's a problem on my end.

    The dude in the first video said, "One little lie will keep you out of the kingdom." Wow! His god certainly is shallow.

    Do you see atheists crowding around believers at their meetings and conventions? We don't protest their nonsense and yet they protest our reason!

    Why do believers feel the need to protest? They do it at Mormon General Conference (which is next weekend), at Mormon productions like the Manti Pagent, the Hill Cumorah Pagent, and others. As much as I dislike the Mormon religion, Mormons don't protest other beliefs and organizations.

    All they are really doing is showing the world how gullible and ignorant they are!


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