Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Six Ways To Respond To The Westboro Baptist Church At The Reason Rally

As many of you are aware the hate group known as the Westboro Baptist Church is going to be at the Reason Rally and spewing forth their brand of psychosis. I think we atheists should have a plan on how to deal with the representatives of "God Hates Fags" and "God Hates America".
Humbly, I present my suggestions.

6. Ignore the loons.
In the spirit of full disclosure I really don't like this idea though I can see why some people would, so I included it on the list. Confronting or acknowledging the haters means that one is allowing them to waste your time. Just by recognizing the Westborians (?) may actually make atheists seem even more crazy in the eyes of the press. I, however, disagree. This is a prime opportunity to illustrate how good we are in comparison to their religiously induced madness.

5. Two words: Kazoo band!
I am dead serious on this. The Westboro lot want to bring down our fun, and I am proudly taking a stand and saying NO! I'm coming all the down from Massachusetts to stand for hours in a crowd and wait in line for the bathroom. My fun will not be blunted. A kazoo band will bring in the fun, and may actually make people laugh on both sides of sanity fence (us and them).
Listen to this and you can't be depressed or angry.

I swear to my fictitious God, I'll bring down a hundred kazoos if anyone wants to be in the band.

4. Sign the first.
What would be a counter-protest without a sign? Here is my first suggestion for a pro-godless sign.

We respect the Westoboro Baptist Church's right to free speech.
Sincerely yours,
the atheists

3. Flowers. Lots of flowers.
I say we should have flowers delivered to the Westboro protesters. Images mean a lot to people. Even after the Reason Rally fades into memory a picture along these lines could stay in the zeitgeist for quite a while.

2. Sign the second.
We may disagree, but I don't want you dead.
PS - I don't hate you either.
Sincerely yours,

1. Stage a show of the Glee version of "Sexy and I know it". 

I'm sure that Glee is one of the favorite shows of the Westboro crowd. What better way to break up the monotony of their shouting than a few minutes of Gleekiness?

Sure, this would take more preparation than the kazoo band, but I have confidence that there are many skilled singers/dancers in our movement.

(Yes, I think the Westboro bunch will love the Spanish thrown in.)



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  1. Jesus said to love the sinner. So I think the way to stop Westboro is to join them. Fill their church every sunday with sexy liberal hippies. Make their house of worship look like a combo of grateful dead concert, spring break, and burning man.
    Let people know that Westboro is the best place on Earth to score free weed and acid.
    Can you imagine their shock and outrage if 500 hippies crowded into the church next Sunday?


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